Reversing light - blown fuses

Hello AlllThis problem might not affect anyone with an aftermarket exhaust but…The reversing light wiring routes past the exhaust pipe on its way to the rear silencer. [image][/image] On mine it was touching and had melted thru’ with the result that the reversing light fuse (Fuse 5) would blow every few days or so.I have replaced the melted cabling using some heat resistant stuff from my central heating (butyl or summit!), rerouted and enquired of my dealer - who said they have fixed this on around 2 other exiges !! (Mike? Ally? Dave?).I reckon this is a pretty serious problem and could potentially result in a fire. My dealer said he’d inform Lotus… we’ll see what happens but I think it should warrant a Lotus Recall to fix/check it on everyones car.Anyway I recommend you have a look by removing the reversing light and pulling the cabling through the hole - removal of the rear diffuser helps as well. The cable feeds off the loom within the rear clam and can be found in the area behind the rear lights above the reversing lamp. Its a booger to get at.cheersrox[This message has been edited by RoxTeddy (edited 21 December 2002).]

I plead not guilty to the charge - unless Murrays have fixed it without telling me!!!I’ll check it out over the holidays and let you know.Mike