Reverse Track Day @ KH

Hi all

just a wee note to tell you that me, Dave Stanley, Ally and Mike Niven (not driving) did a track eve at Knockhill last night anticlockwise…!!

Very very technical, and to keep us even more on our toes they didn’t supply any keels or rudders… it was absolutely pi5h1n down… Radical Ally must have been absolutely drenched because he drove there and back

pretty exciting and i can’t wait to have another go at it… except i hope its dry…

Hey Uldis what tyre pressures do you reckon work with A048’s in the seriously wet ?? I had knocked em down a bit before i got there… big mistake methinks…

Well, if you aim for 24psi hot all around and that (on a dry, warm day) relates to about 19 psi front, 17 psi rear, when it’s pissing down it will never reach 24 psi hot, just because it’s not getting hot.
So, depends really, if the tyres definitely are not getting any heat into them tyre pressures should not change and you want to start with the operating pressure: 24 psi all around.

To fine tune I would reccommend a digital temp gauge, but there you go, a starting point.

It seems everybody had some excellent fun yesterday, I read about it all on the S_E

Hi Mike
Must say I was amazed at how well you were going on the 48’s, as that has to have been the wettest trackday I’ve ever done, Di took a rather fuzzy picture that shows what looks like a bow wave up the side of your car and yet the 48’s seemed to hang in there.
It could also have been quite interesting if you’d been pulled by the police on the way home, trying to explain why you were half naked But there again perhaps I shouldn�t mention the things some people get up to on there Exiges.



Yeh i worried a bit about getting pulled over or having a mishap of somekind… but my troos were so wet that i would have been totally uncomfortable on the 2hr drive home.

BTW - the A048’s are really excellent in the wet - including standing water, much better than i thought they would ever be. On the way home there was a lot of big puddles at raodsides and the A048’s tracked thru them without skip, float or other brown trouser moments… :wink:

At KH i had a couple of moments and struggled all eve to find the correct lines esp on the run towards and thru Clarks, i also couldn’t decide on 3rd or 2nd gear for the run from macintyres to duffas (BTW what gear were you using here, i guess 3rd??) but the A048’s were far better than my personal confidence could exploit in the 1.5 hours or so i had I also was carrying a pax for about half of my tracktime which changes my style a bit.

I can’t wait to get back again…

what’s your own prognosis?? and thanks again for copy of the pic of my lotus clipper

I really struggled with the run up to Clarks, with all the standing water I didn’t have enough confidence to try and brake as hard as I should have on the right-hander before turning left into Clarks, then there was what looked like a new piece of tarmac on the exit of Clarks which if you hit caused the backend to kick out. As to macintyres/duffas I was changing down to second for Macintyre as I found that if I stayed in third it seemed to bog down a bit too much for Duffas. The stream that was running across the track near where the normal pit exit, was a bit unnerving as it was deep enough to cause the rears to spin the hairpin was interesting as it was now off camber, and this was where I had my first spin on track this year. I really enjoyed this new format and would love to do one in the dry, my only concerns are that in reverse some of the run off areas are not as big as normal and if anyone did go off you might be punished for it, as the Scooby found out to his cost, but I still can’t work out how he went off where he did . Do you know what the last red flag was for?
Also, you kept quite about your black flag incident


the last red flag was for the red caterham going off on the exit of the chicane…

black flag… moi… mmm…

maybe we should have queued after it but there was only 15mins left and it was pi5h1ng down… actually i missed the first 20mins due to being late and the last 15mins due the red flag and prolly another 15-20mins for the green scoobie red flag so thinkin about it i was prolly lucky to get an hours track time maybe 2 half hour sessions… one of them with a pax… i need to do this again…

BTW yeh i agree the car bogged down in 3rd out of macintyres if you weren’t going quickly enough… and the rears spun up on the pit straight as you mention

I was soaked to the skin by the time I got home…yet again! The unavoidable big puddles I came across were coming straight into the Radical and over my legs. Throw in a fair amount of aquaplaning at only 60mph…in the dark and you’ve got the recipe for an “interesting” drive.

It’s a fair old trek there and back for just a 2hr session, throw in some cold temps, heavy rain and probably wiser to stay at home and watch the telly instead. Mike seems to have got this angle covered by fitting a telly in his Audi.

Nice to see you guys again - seems like we’ve hardly been at Knockhill this year.Anyway, a few dates coming up soon. I’ll list the ones I know of and you can add any I may have missed.

Hey Ally, GT4 is out soon which apparently has the Ring down to 15cm accuracy. Just in case the weather turns bad again. It’d allow you to mix tele with driving!


Even that’s not safe Ian. I had PGR2 on the Xbox and the console got soaked (and broken) by a burst pipe over the New Year when I was in Prague. Had just reached a decent car too and was blatting about some city in a very authentic sounding '73RS. Believe there is an SR3 Turbo in it also later.

Thanks for the tip - my PS2 is still working at least… It’s my DVD player.

Even that’s not safe Ian. I had PGR2 on the Xbox and the console got soaked (and broken) by a burst pipe over the New Year…

LOL! You poor bar-stard!

I quite like my Turbo Exige (yeah mike, you weren’t the first! ), even if it does spin at the slighteest touch of a kerb. My racing Pagini takes some beating. I was determined to finish GT3 before GT4 came out, but it’s not going to happen. Roger X was pretty special. Too much time on his hands before the tour.

Can I recommend a projector and Logitech’s MOMO force-feedback steering wheel, it makes the whole thing life size and really rather special!