Rev Limiter Problem

Had a strange problem on the way home last night

The car was refusing to go on the the 2nd cam and the rev limiter was kicking in

It was a little unnerving cos i found it was doing this at just the wrong time - overtaking a line of traffic !

Tried it several times, in diff gears and it was the same, pulled into services and killed the ignition and restarted and problem cleared

Anybody had a similar experience with their yota engined car ?

It only should do that when the engine is cold
Could be a lack of oil or temp gauge might be out

I was 1hr into my journey and the engine temp was sitting at its normal 89oC

Just checked the oil level (Engine Cold) & its @ the top of the dip stick

Happened to me once, and then never since.

If it’s just happened the once, & it cleared itself by switching off the ignition, I wouldn’t worry. The ECUs are programmed so that if there’s a misfire, or similar, it will switch to “safe/limp mode”, thus 2nd cam will not come on. I appreciate that you probably won’t have had a misfire, nor owt else wrong, but all ECUs are very susceptible to a spike in the power supply etc. I’m sure it will have been just an unexplainable event, which will probably never happen again. (Cars & women, eh, I’ll never understand some of their behaviour )

Thanx for the replies guys

Im not too worried about it, as it cleared itself,
i will report it to the dealer and ask them to log it

Phil G