Rev counter reading 0!!!!!!!!

Was low on petrol, with the light on and when I pulled up to stop, the rev counter dropped to zero! It did this continuosly until I got petrol and then it didn’t. Is this usual or what?

Could be a failing cluster thats a common fault with them, or if the ecu resets via a glitch generally rpm and speedo drops and goes back up again, but if you were at 0KMH you wouldn’t see that.

If you connect the scantool while driving it does the same thing.

Since its RPM its unlikely its wheel speed sensor related, another common issue.

My whole dashboard failed and the dealer reset it by pressing the trip counter reset button while starting the car. This worked for a short while before the whole thing failed again…new dashboard being fitted under warranty next week…I did manage to get the speedo off the clock whilst reversing up my drive though 170mph backwards with no rear vision?

I had something similar with the rev conter sticking at 1k when switched off and reving round to 9.5-10k on full whack.

as mentioned earlier in this thread, the dealer reset it and has been fine since…

I have a set of clocks for sale that I bought for a project but never used - showing 3k ish miles , pm me if anyone needs them.

I had the same problem myself. The Speedo was reading 10 mph and the rev counter reading 1000 rpm with the ignition switched off. And while driving it was over reading by the same amount. Before taking it to the dealer try disconnecting the battery for an hour and then reconnecting.
This worked on mine last month.

Well the guessing is over. The car broke down on saturday, came to an abbrupt stop on the M3, wouldn’t idle, accelerate properly or do nothing. MIL came on and girlfreind managed to get off the motorway and limp it home. Got in it this morning to go to B&C no MIL car drove fine. Diagnostics said faulty throttle position sensor which would make sense now with the speedo and the irratic idle. New one on order so getting that done with the long list of other bits! Who said LOTUS stood for lots of trouble usually serious wasn’t far wrong! Still love the car to bits thou