Returned to the Fold ! Exige Sprint

Well after yet another couple of years away: (R8 V8, 911GTS Cabrio, R8 V10), I now have an Exige Sprint. Yellow and White, high mileage at 71K but FSH and only 2 owners.
Number 1979. All appears standard and in pretty good condition although the front cover panels and roof appear to have faded to a slightly different colour to the clams?
Seems to drive OK but I want to do some investigation, get the wheels off etc to really see what its like.


Nice! Welcome back.

I do like a Sprint.

Doesnt that look fantastic?!

Quite a selection of cars there you have had. This will feel super light !

Nice, do like the Sprints.

When you take your wheels off, can i borrow them, permanently, in exchange for some ££££😉

I love the Sprints. I can’t think why. They shouldn’t look as good as they do.For me “less is more” but the Sprints confound that in whatever colour. Yellow is best, of course.
Welcome back, keep posting.

We all know yellow is the fastest colour!

Welcome back fellow Sprint owner!
I’ve yet to see a yellow one in the flesh. If you’re ever going past Egham in Surrey near Windsor give me a shout as I’d love to get a snap of blue and yellow together.

What brought you back from those other cars?

I change cars a lot, as I have a very low boredom threshold! But I do have a soft spot for Exiges, hence I am now back in one. It was also by chance as I was looking to sell a motorhome and the vendor of the Exige took it in part exchange at good price to change. The Sprint is not the cleanest one I have ever seen but it’s got loads of potential with a little work and of course will always be quite rare.

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