retrofit supercharger?

is it feasible to retrofit the supercharger installation to an earlier S2 exige? If so, what would it entail?


There are a number of options you can go for
There is a German co which will be starting to do them soon
A US co in partnership with Hanger 111 (mine is due to be fitted next month)
And there is a Swiss kit
Do a search on Supercharger as its all been discussed

Must be loads of us S2 Exigers interested in an SC kit. I am waiting to see how the brave early adopters like Jamie get on before making a decision. I am sure the 280 Ragnorak kit will be mega to drive, but then there may be be quite a few used Exige Ss on the market in a year or so at attractive prices, and just to complicate things further I suspect there may well be an Elise/Exige S3 along some time in 07 so it is a difficult one. Also when I drove the factory 240R at Knockhill I wasn’t quite as blown away with the performance compared to the NA car as I expected to be, but a handful of laps on a soaking track is perhaps not the best time to judge the merits of a supercharger.


From experience with the 240R on lots of tracks now the performance is the about the same as a well setup S1 Honda powered Exige.

I’m very happy with this and it is a significant improvement over the NA car that can’t stay anywhere near a Honda’d S1 on track. I then have the benefits of more comfort and aircon etc for the drive home!

So my view is the supercharger is very worthwhile! I’m just going to have to keep out of the way of the supercharged honda’s out there…

Just by way of a confirmation of this, Pesky in his Honda’d S1 absolutely whupped my standard S2 all around Anglesey, along with the 220S, which may or may not have been driven by an average driver.

And as we all know Pesky drives like a big girl.

Actually lately he is definitely amongst the faster track day drivers that I know - I think he has been taking lessons on the quiet.

I noticed Pesky was much quicker than when I’ve seen him previously on track (Russ how many mm of tread did you have on the rears???)

ermm, none.


Was yours the immaculate x-reg S1 in silver (red interior)?


No, mine was the buggered S2 in Mustard - I think the one you are talking about was Geoff - he brought it on a trailer. Interesting story with that one - he bought his S1 after being followed by one in his F40 for around 30 minutes around Anglesey and failed to shake it off!

Good story that. I had been told previously about the F40 on a LRV day there, but didn’t know who it was.


is it feasible to retrofit the supercharger installation to an earlier S2 exige? If so, what would it entail?


have a look at its the Rotrex kit without any charge cooling


If only it were that easy!
The problem is due to the different ECU & wiring of the Lotus compared to Celica. Basically the hard wear is the easy bit - anyone can fab a braket to hold the SC in place etc.
You need a lot of time and money pumped into either cracking the Lotus ECU or replacing it with a user friendly ECU like the Power FC.
The US market being bigger means this will get sorted but we are not quite ther yet!
FF has produced this
Consider the price and what is basically a race ECU its not perfect!

Here is the list of the SC players as it stands now plus power, cost and what I know of it.

Red Motor sports
�12900 (�8900)
Really dont know much about the kit. They are using a pic of the 240R engine, thay are also abit funny about giving info out. (am trying to get more) They say they can take a car in three weeks and have it back in a week! Shame about the price!

�10000 (�7000)
Seems to be a carbon copy of the Swiss kit with a similar price tag.

16900CHF (�7450)
Been around the most a well proven product but not as simple a package as some of the others. Still cost is on the large side.

$7000 + fitting (�4000 + �1.5-2k)
A lot of people have been waiting for this for a long time! The first car has been on the Dyno for the last couple of months sorting the ECU out. No diffinative word on when it will be finished. More details are promised next week. This kit will have the bonus of being offered through Hanger 111 in the UK.

missed this one The All New Generation 2 Supercharger

web page


Lubricated with snake oil? I though loads of research had been done on electrical fans etc on the induction system and none of the worked?

I know by the grin icon, you are having a laugh, but I imagine a few people will fall for this.

Does the S2 Exige even have a Mass Flow Sensor?

Anyway, I wish it would work, but somehow… don’t.

they say it draws 40amps, which might mean 45 or 50 - quite a power draw on the system!

To make it clear to anyone - I WAS JOKING

looks like a hoover bag or summat…

Got this off Red M today

You have 3 options :

  1. Lotus SC Kit with about 240 HP ( with upgrades up to 260 HP)
    costs 12.900,–�

  2. RED Kit I with 260 HP ( has nothing to do with the Lotus Kit)
    costs 12.900,–�

  3. RED Kit II with 304 HP ( upgraded Kit I requires new engine , not
    included in the price )
    costs 25.900,–� this is a Motorsport version with quite loud supercharger

For all kits we need you car 1-2 weeks aand 3 weeks upfront

Price is in �

There’s been a lot of talk on our side of the pond re turbo/SC kits, and to date, the only SC kit that has materialized is an adapted Celica kit.

Fortunately, it’s also the cheapest thing going - $6500 US (a bit under 1/2 the above quotes).

The link that Charlie posted a few days ago shows the car as he’s local to the owner and knows a bit about it.

I have been keeping ontop of ET it seems like they made it all work in 3 days! Just shows what can be done. I have been in contact with Brett for ages now, they seem to be making progress but at a snails pace