anybody had there seats and panels retrimmd???

i ask alot of questions eh!!!

I got my centre console done and someone else has had their seats done. I’m happy, and the seats I saw look great. Speak to Mel Broome at the factory (aftersales) - I do have the factory Trim brouchure at home, you can get everything done, right down to the heater and speaker panels.

depends what look your after.

I did the doors myself with real Alcantara
Also painted the centre console myself and added a matching gater.



You certainly are asking a lot today!

This might help:

Here’s my centre console, trimmed by Lotus:

[image]Gallery | The Lotus Cars Community

You have to go through a dealer to get trim done. Be careful to specify exactly what you want. I asked for the gear gaiter in red and they supplied one in a deep sort of ‘plum’ colour. Took quite a few weeks to get that sorted out. BTW, it’s not really as bright as it look in that picture, it’s actually quite a good match for the Ardent Red paint.


loving them both!

i was thinking more seat wise…

do like that centre console trimmed though, mines colour codded…in sexy orange.

i was thinking about adding bits of other leather to seats u see…and orange leather door card segments…

ordered my car from new with bespoke re-trm from lotus - but BIG trouble at hetel at the moment, for example ive had the car for 1 month and im told i wont see a finished interior for at least another month.

it will look stunning and i wont trust anyone else to do it - but im also told the trim dept wont be taking on any new work till january to clear the backlog, but as mentioned visit a dealer and request mel to do the work!

will post picture when its done