Has anyone had a quote for a respray (i.e a change of colour as opposed to a stone chip cover-up)?Rgds,James

JamesI’m in the process of getting a couple quotes - one from official dealer, the other from “someone” I know [image][/image]I am considering getting it done over winter - the damn stonechips all over the front & the sides really “depress” me [image][/image]

Sorry James,Rather than provide any info (because I don’t know, not that I’m just being mean!), I’m going to get curious and ask what colour is your Exige and why do you want to change?Seems like an expensive way of adding weight! Although I rather like my Gunmetal and can see that I may wince a little if I wondered towards a pink Exige.Ian [image][/image]

IDG - I currently have a Lotus Racing Green Exige - I do like the colour but want to know how much it would cost to respray as I have a few stone chips and came across this Exige on another site: I wouldn’t have thought a respray would add much weight - if it does I’ll stop carrying loose change around when I drive [image][/image]

I’ve got something a bit “bright” in mind - but it’s not scandal green [image][/image]Weight - agree, could add a few kilos extra, that’s why I’m also investigating that angle! Either way, my car NEEDS a respray ;(

Scandal green’s not bad, but pretty pink gets my vote [image][/image]

Whilst on the subject…I too was thinking about scandal green and Trudy wanted Barbie Pink [image][/image]I did ask at the coachworks who repaired my car and they said somewhere around �3000 [image][/image] but this was because everything had to be taken off.btw if it done properly there should be minimal additional weight as the old paint is removed.[This message has been edited by Phil Davies (edited 24 August 2002).]

oi, Rob and Phil, you are having a laugh… [image][/image] cheers,Bruno

Hi BrunoNope I’m not having a laugh - finances permitting, my mota will be resprayed - not as original though!!! [image][/image]

Rob, but pleeeeeeeeeease not something like pink…will ya… [image][/image]why not spending that money on some engine modificatons? (emerald to start with) you know that it makes sense…pls let me know should you have any problem with the “dosh-reduction” ok?laterBruno