Request from Pagid - Feedback required

Because they didn’t want to appear to be advertising, Pagid asked me if I wouldn’t mind asking you guys to give feedback on their products, namely RS14, RS15, RS-42Feedback anyone ?

I have had real problems with my brakes but having changed the hoses and the fluid I am now running RS15’s on the front and RS14’s on the rear Finally I now have incredible stopping power I suspect they are well worth the extra outlayJohnC

Using RS14s. Awesome stopping ability but without the backing plates they are incredibly noisy. (not such an issue, but enough to annoy after a while) Bri

Been a Pagid fan for 2.5 years now (RS-14’s) on the Elise. Simply sensational performance. Just wish they didn’t squeal like a stuck pig!However, their performance really does outweigh this gripe and their lifespan is also excellent. I originally expected them to eat discs, but this hasn’t proved to be the case.I hear the 15’s aren’t quite as good as the 14’s though - anybody got any experience? I have a spare new set of 14’s so not a problem for a while though!Of course if they would like someone to do a subject back to back comparison… ;-)CheersChris

Using RS14’s all round with no complaints, work well when cold, even better when warm, dont mind them squeeling, at least it makes others aware that your there !

Another satisfied customer here. Have been running Pagid RS14 front and rear for about a week now after my old pads deserted me at Donington last week. The difference vs standard is amazing. Great stopping power, more initial bite and, yes, a bit of squealing into the bargain.RolandPS - a public thank you to David Joyce for fitting a set of spare pads at 2300 on a Friday night!

Admin5,Any word from Pagid on the differences with RS15s (to RS14s) and why some are reporting they’re not as good? (a chance for them to set the record straight)Ta, Ian

My 2p is that they don’t seem as good as the RS14sThey don’t seem to have the same initial bite, feeling like they needed some heat in them to get going. The RS14s were great from cold, almost to the point of being grabby (but not too grabby).At Donington, a track with 2x 120mph-40mph stopping points in rapid succession, the pads seem to overheat, whereas the RS14s didn’t.This all flies in the face of the pad specification, with claims that they have a higher working temperature.I’ve bedded-in 2 sets (one set quickly, and one set taking my time) and they seemed to do the same thing – which is why I’ve now fitted brake ducts to ease things.Ho hum.

Dont know what feedback Pagid were expecting but I tries to obtain some Mintex pads from eliseparts last night.They only had fronts in stock … but suggested I use Pagid - and … RS14’s are available again …Mmmmm