Hello all.

I am growing quietly concerned about any progress with our current platform - phpBB. We reskinned back in APR 20 but never replatformed. New features seem sparse and often not updated. I think the phpBB software is slowly dyeing TBH

I want to add a few new features to the platform to make it more interactive, to try and get more people in here but yet seem familiar.

I have worked quietly on Its basically a port of this site onto a newer platform. You can login if you like but you will have to reset your password ( I dont think I have that bit working yet )

I would be interested to hear your thoughts, good , bad or ugly. I am more than open to suggestions on this. However, remember this is firmly a work in progress. If you do sign in , there are options to auto set the light / dark dependant on the sunset etc. If you do sign in, feel free to post away. Ill destroy this docker and rebuild if we do decide to go ahead.

UPDATE : Replatformed!

When I go to reset my pwd I get a 403 Forbidden error. Won’t let me reset using either username or email address.

No 403 error on wired or wireless here dude.

FWIW, I also get a 403 error when attempting to reset password? I’ve been looking at the site though and you’ve done a stirling job as usual mate - well done :slight_smile:

I’ll review soon then. I can’t replicate that.

It’s more about the functionality / feeling that I am after but I’ll try and get that bit working or just manually reset both of your passwords to test

If I try the ‘skip password, send me an email link’ I also get the 403 error…

Other than that, from the bits I can use so far:

  • Dark mode looks great!
  • Wooo, it’s fast!

If the @ functionality works and likes are back, then I’m sold mate :slight_smile:

As before when you talked about site upkeep, I’m still happy to contribute if you need it, certainly don’t want you incurring costs along the way…. You do a fantastic job and you shouldn’t be out of pocket at all, so just shout if the community can help :ok_hand:t2:

matt447 and PaulT I have sorted the password reset thing.

matt447 I am thinking I might like to move from imgur to amazon s3 hosting for our images. This would give us a huge bucket to work with and I would be actively looking for a pictures supporter group funding for that to keep things going!

Thanks Andy :slight_smile: I tried yesterday, and also again just now, and it’s not emailing me any reset or login link? :confused:

I am having some minor behind the scenes reverse nginx proxy look up issues here.

I’ll have a heavy paid job schedule so will look to amend week Tuesday

No worries at all, and no rush - just letting you know why I’ve not engaged more on the new forum :wink:

If there is no appetite for this please let me know :smile::+1:

Thanks for your efforts, Andy. I have no strong feelings but happy to be guided by you👍

new platform looks great on first look - but not if it causes you stress Andy

No real stress for me. Just want the best for us!

Appreciate that Thommo. Thank you

^^^^^^ this :thumbup:

I’ll admit to being a phpBB dinosaur in terms of aesthetic, I just prefer the ‘traditional’ look and feel of an old school forum but I can’t deny the feature set, and likely security behind the scenes is lacking.

I’ve had a click around the meta one and it looks great to my eye, clean and functional with some nice little features. The timeline scroll bar thing is fantastic. Still exploring, but haven’t seen anything to put me off yet and that’s coming from a phpBB fanboy, so you should be safe.

I’ll go with the flow Andy, I know you have Exiges best interest at heart and it’s much appreciated :+1::+1:

Some useful feedback here chaps. Thanks for your time.

I’ll work out an outage and make it happen.