Replacement silencer

I’m thinking that my silencer needs replacing. It’s currently a Janspeed Sports exhaust with twin tail pipes. Fitted new when I bought the car 17 years ago. I would like to,replace before going off to Europe with Nyloc in three weeks’ time. I’m looking at Larini as the Janspeed seems no longer to be available.
The process of ordering a Larini seems terribly convoluted. On their website is is priced at £591 plus VAT. And despite apparently offering an online order system, a man from Larini called me tonight to say it has to be ordered thoughElise Parts.I’m ok with that but can’t find it on their website. A search for the part number
LA 0277SRS drew a blank so I’m mystified. Larini man said he would pass my details on to EliseShop so I await developments. I will not be happy if Elise Shop price is more than advertised on Larini website. Has anyone any experience of dealing with Larini?
The alternative is 2tubular but given comments over the years I might not get delivery before the turn of the century, lovely products though they are.Any help, thoughts would be much appreciated

For some reason I have it in my head that Ollie can get Larini stuff. I was always a big fan of the one I had on the 111S - proper raspy.

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I would agree with you Paul.

Ollie can get Larini.

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Have you thought about giving Simpson Race Exhausts a call? They’ll build whatever you want :+1:


Ollie suggested I contact Larini so will chase him up about it on Monday in case he can assist or shed any light on it. Thanks everyone :+1:

Thommo , if you need any assistance importing it I can help.

I am VAT registered and have a EORI number.

@kevinbe111 solution is also a good one Simpson race exhausts are very good in my experience. Based down in Slough, another in Chris Tullet exhausts.

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Thanks, Andy, that’s very kind of you. I will await a reply from Elise-Shop to see what the situation is. I hope it’s quick delivery as we depart for Europe on May 30

When I called Larini for my exhaust, they asked me to call a distributor, who was a pleasure to deal with. Can’t remember the company but the old boy I dealt with was a Lotus enthusiast based up in Yorkshire.
The exhaust cost the same as the Larini website, I paid the distributor and it arrived in 3-4 days.

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I have a Larini exhuast; as far as I know, they only made the one type for the S1 Exige, and it’s a little bit quieter than the Janspeed, if that influences your decision. With a cat it’s a little to quiet for my liking, although with a cat about right.

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Thanks, good to know. I’ll be on it on Tues after Bank Hol

Super, thanks.

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