Replaceing the clutch hose - Tips?

As I had said, my clutch went on xmas day and I thought it was the slave cylinder but it’s actually the hose… D’oh!

So now I have to replace the hose… I can get a new hose made up tomorrow so can I do this all from above?

It says to tie a wire alonge the old hose, is it easy enough to pull a new one through? I’ll have the dash open so that should help.

Any tips would be a gratefully received

Not a bad job at all, a few tips after two replacements in a month, once to repair old hose and twice for new hose.

  1. Remove left coin tray - a must but difficult plenty of glue be prepared to lose it, if it has as much as mine had on.

  2. straighten bend in old hose at each end.

  3. wrap some duck tape around old and new hose, should the two seperate somewhere in the chassis rail, well you can imagine.

Also the old cable is propably zip tied to another cable in just behind the coin tray and will not pull out without cutting the zip tie first.

Good luck, it a really simple jo as long as you don’t lose the cable.

Cheers for the tips Jason, done it and it wasn’t too bad… Actually routing the hose was one of the easier bits LOL!

But done some “modifications”, the master cylinder extenion pipe now is longer, goes rount eh front of the front hatch and has a join on too so replacing the hose will be much easier in the future! Not that it should need it, mine failed as it was rubbing against the bracket and gearbox…

Bleeding it did take quite a while to and cause a few little differences of opinion between my dad and me! LOL! But fully bled and the clutch works now, even when cold! Still notchy when cold but so much better indeed

So thanks again…

P.S. Did end up smahing the coin holder top bits! Raaaa!!!