removing the roof?

my dealer says you can remove the roof on the exige in about 15mins, however it says nothing in the handbook. Im not entirely sure i want to drive it with the roof off anyway, however whats the situation?

If your dealer said you can drive the Exige without a roof i would change them immediatly as they obviously know very little about the car Who was it?

The Exige MUST not be driven without the roof unless some major rework is carried out to fix down the rear window, the rear clam and engine cover !!

mmm one of the sales chaps at the only lotus dealer in Hertfordshire.

hmmm the place at Chiswell Green then, say no more

Suggest you find another dealership with a better rep, although i can’t actually think of anyone LOL

Phil (ex St. Albans)

I’m in Herts.
We get the car serviced in Lincolnshire…

!!! Lincolnshire???

what about Wilsons at Chadwell Heath?

You could always remove the front/rear clams, doors etc as well, and call it a 340r!