Removing Original Manifold - Air Con

Hi Exigers!

I need to replace my manifold on my Air Con car and I am thinking about having a crack myself. My car has air con - do I have to remove this to get the manifold out as it doesn’t look like you can get to the nuts with it in. Also can it be removed without breaking the pipes etc - it has just been regassed so I really dont want to disturb it unless I have to.


Anyone? Help

Has anyone removed the aircon themselves? Are there any guides on it?


NB just fitted one of the Eliseparts new backboxes - very nice and low grumble.

Not touched it - but your supposed to be carefull with the contents … ( the future of the earth is in your hands … )

However, cant you “just” unbolt the compressor and move it out of the way - the flexible pipes will allow you to move it around a bit ?