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helloI have removed the resonator, the second airfilter and installed the crp. So must a also remove the wheel speed sensor or anything else in follow of removing of the resonator valve because in some topic’s there has been written about that but I’m not really sure what to do now.klaus(I hope you could understand what I mean [image][/image] )

KlausDO NOT disconnect the wheel sensor IF your car has had the ECU recall. The ECU recall introduced a “misfire” detection, which limits revs to 5500rpm, until the engine is stopped & restarted. (This was to prevent overfuelling of a misfiring engine causing unburnt fuel to ignite in the catalyst. Some 340Rs suffered this & were totally destroyed by fire!!!).If your car has not had the ECU recall, you can disconnect the wheel sensor, & you will get lots of bangs/flames out of the exhaust when the engine is hot & on the overun [image][/image] (The updated ECU in the recall, treats the “bangs” as a misfire & prevents you taking the car above 5500rpm)I hope this makes sense [image][/image]

hisome questions:how can I see if my car has an ECU which has had a recall (because I’m not the first owner of this car)?I have already now misfiring without disconnecting the sensor, is this bad?? or because of the CRP and hot gas. Would disconnecting of the sensor also a be problem with the wrong ECU if the cat. wouldn’t be installed?Where will I find the wheel speed sensor which is for the resonator valve or is there only one sensor? (my car is LHD, if position differences to RHD)…klaus[This message has been edited by beckk (edited 03 May 2003).]

KlausThe ECU program replacement was a factory recall in 2002. They contacted all known owners directly - as did the dealers (in the UK anyway).You need to email Andy Plant at Lotus with the FULL chassis/car number of your Exige, & he will check if the recall has been done. His email is [email protected] In case you are not aware, Monday 5th May is a holiday in the UK, so don’t expect Andy to reply then.There is a difference between a misfire & a bang/pop from unburnt fuel.A misfire is always bad! Having no cat will mean that a bang/pop is more likely to happen. Some of us (me included) liked the bangs/pops when we removed the cat & disconnected the sensor, although it was likely to shorten the life of the exhaust/silencer [image][/image]The sensor is on the right hand side rear wheel. The sensor on the left rear wheel is for the speed signal to the Stack speedommeter/rev counter on the dash. This will be the same on both lhd & rhd cars.Good luck.

KlausYou don’t need to disconnect the wheel speed sensor on account of removing the resonator/2nd air filter and using a cat replacement pipe.

@Mrs Pesky: thanks for the lot of information and I will write an email to Lotus to get more information about my ECU.@RoxTeddy: why I doesn’t need to disconnect the wheel speed sensor. So what are the different reasons to disconnect or NOT disconnect the sensor (I don’t know, I have only read something about it)???klaus

KlausDisconnecting the wheel sensor didn’t make any difference to performance, nor was it necessary! All it did was make the engine pop & bang on the overun - so it sounded like a race car - nice [image][/image]My car will still pop & bang with the wheel sensor reconnected - but mainly only on track when the engine/exhaust etc are hot!

ok, thanks. I thought before, that’s necessary to disconnect it, because I wasn’t sure what it does control. Last question [image][/image], must I close the pipe (air/vacuum pipe) where the resonator valve was connected?klaus(I love the pop & bang, too)

KlausVacuum pipe - my dealer took out the resonator etc on my car, so I’m not sure - sorry. I can’t check for it on my car at present - it’s away for 3 weeks “having some work” done to it [image][/image]

ok, no problem.Now I have tested to disconnect the wheel speed sensor and it’s really a difference with the pop&bang’s. Could this also damage something like lambda-sensor or only a little bit the exhaust?

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quote:Originally posted by Mrs Pesky: Not tellin’ [image][/image]Hope i get an invite to the launch party then!