Removing Airbox


Changing the discs and hoses last week - ready to bleed clutch so removed air pipe ( going into a carbon airbox ) and found a big metallic ring down the bottom next to the filter.
Tried to get the airbox off, 2 easy bolts at the top came off - bent box back enough to see its one of my trumpets that has come off
Are there 2 more bolts underneath the airbox that are a bugger to reach?



Sorry Pete yes there are - in the same place as the top ones … only at the bottom


I’ll start faffing with it and it might be off by next weekend

Unbolt the return to the boot floor and that will give you enough access …

Got 3 bolts out, cant get the one nearest the air pipe
All the screws that are holding that vertical metal sheet nder the airbox ( is that the retun bit? ) have rusted up, will not budge
Left them covered in WD and will see if anything happens tomorrow…



All the screws that are holding that vertical metal sheet nder the airbox ( is that the retun bit? )

yes that’s the right bit

Well thats all full of WD now, might have to resort to the drill though - does that bit do anything special or is it just a nod towards keeping the rear a bit cleaner?
I dont use the boot to carry anything so could remove it or leave off for a bit…




Hope that the trumpet location flange has just worked its way around the 2 locating nuts and washers and its not due to loose/missing nuts…

The trumpet bit I have is smooth, and I can see the hole, just - cant see how it would be locked in place though.
Dont have camera on me, i’ll post a pic up later on though

Good job i’m messing about with it now, have no tyres left after elvington on saturday so cant go anywhere…

No flanges on the original Simon, you must be referring to Jenvey ones.

The originals are held in place by the heads of the three screws around it. Yes, I know, bad system.

Better go and find some washers to make the shoulder effectively wider. Your trumpets must have been machined slightly on the thin side, so they worked loose.

Cheers Uldis - I twisted the box enough ( only 1 screw left now…yay! ) to see how they are attached.
Still no joy in getting the 5 screws that hold that metal plate in, drilling time tomorrow…



Drilled 3 screws/rivets off - before I bash the rest of them, can this part be left off? - if so I wont be too worried in getting carried away with the drill…



I dont believe that its a structural part - just there to form a front lip to the boot to stop things falling into the engine bay.

Cheers - doesnt look structural, as you say, more of a boot tidy

Big drill out again tomorrow and I might have half a car left to play with on the weekend.
Might even sell the kids shoes to get some new tyres.


If you damage thr aluminum thread you can always put one back, it’s caled a Rivnut.
OTOH, to avoid these problems I replaced the normal Philips bolts with alloy Allen head ones, so they won’t rust and ypu always have a trusty allen connection to undo them.

Good luck.

I replaced the boot return ally panel bolts with plastic ones (for holding interior panels in place) from Halfords last time i had it off… because one of my originals was stuck solid… used heat and mole grips to get it off.

Car all screwed back together ( sans ali panel… )
Had a quick trip round the village in the snow, a bit of muck thrown up inside the boot.

Will look at fixing the panel back on with a bolt at each side , dont fancy doing the bottom ones again.

It’ll rattle.
Better get alloy or plastic screws mate.