Removal of CAT

OK guys - should be an easy one,I currently have a stainless steel exhaust system on my MKI - part of B&C 140 conversion however, I know that the CAT is still in place. Firstly - is it worth removing the CAT? Does it make any difference to the power / torque / engine respones?Secondly, If I buy the cat replacement pipe - can I do the job myself?? I don’t really want the hassle of going to a garage to get the CAT put back in for the MOT every year? Presumably you have to take the undertray off as a minimum - does the car have to be on a ramp, or can you get away with a trolley jack?Also - What sort of money will I be paying for the CAT replacement pipe, and where from?Finally - I assume that it will make the car louder than the already loud stainless exhaust - is this the case?Cheers guys,Steve Merritt

It schould give a couple of horses more. Its been such long time since i drove mine with a cat so i dont remember.You can do it yourself. You need to take the undertray of. Then there is 4 or 6 screws to remove the cat. A trolley jack will do.I think it costs 30� or something, not much. Most dealers probably have it.It will get louder and you will get that banging and crackling noice when you release the throttle, really nice [image][/image]

I can certainly second Jeppe’s reply.B&C do a stainless steel for about �50 took me a couple of hours to fit the biggest problem I had was removing the cat.If you want to change the manifold in the future to EBD or similar I think you will need a flexi cat pipe.Stuart

Thanx guys…Sounds like I will be doing it [image][/image] do you have a ‘friendly’ MOT tester or do you have to put it back on for that? I may also have to investigate whether B&C do a 4 into 1 manifold for their stainless system as I think I currently have the standard manifold [image][/image]

Roadkarter,B&C recently fitted a Exige/340R manifold & downpipe to my B&C Super 160 (the flexijoint failed and was too LOUD). EBD & raceline seem to be a popular choice, I was going to change to the EBD later this year but the downpipe failure tied my hands.I also removed my cat after the MOT and plan to refit for the next.Stuart

HEHE, Im lucky to have a friendly MOT tester, he just loves special cars. All he did was to drive tha car into the garage, leave it there for 10minutes so his boss would think that he was testing. Then he signed all the papers… [image][/image]