Removable Steering Wheels?

I’m thinking of getting a removable steering wheel for the S2. I know allot of you guys with S1 have them…what do you think of them? What�s the best? Got any photos?

I like the size and look of the standard one, but I like the idea of the removable one for security reasons.

What do you all think?

I had one for a while. The trouble is, they wear and then you get a bit of play and a nasty knocking on bump roads.

My advice is give it a miss unless you fancy replacing it every year or so.


Don’t sound too good. Ok thanks for the info.

have had mine for more than 3 years now, no prob…
i do not think they wear that quick

I had one for a while. The trouble is, they wear and then you get a bit of play and a nasty knocking on bump roads.

My advice is give it a miss unless you fancy replacing it every year or so.

I think Brendan’s right in that it does wear - he was probably the 1st to warn everyone on this board. The S1 standard wheel was so ugly it needed changing anyway and so most went for the removeable wheel as just a part of the overall solution.

Since Brendan’s warning I have been more careful with mine and take it off less now - 2 years of use and its still fine.

I’ve just fitted my removable wheel to a different Elise/Exige 3 times. All in all approx 20K miles, & on/off with every trip. Only now can I feel a little play (slight knocking) top to bottom. It seems to pivot on the locking pins. Does this sound familiar to others who’ve had the problem?

Apparently a new hub would fix it, for �100 quid

It’s the Lotus Sport MOMO job by the way.


It has been good for security, & gettin’ in & out if you’re circumfencially challenged IYSWIM

Mines been ok for over a year now but I suspect ive just jinxed myself

I think the main thing is for it to remain attached to the hub while driving cue IDG to explain…

Um yes!

Personally I wouldn’t take the hubs on and off too often. The hubs are often ali but the screws not, and it’s quite easy to over tighten them and weaken the thread on the hub…so when you’re doing an Andy Walsh day (big open airfield thankfully) the wheel comes off in your hands! We laughed (nervously) and the kind men in the hanger came up with better replacement screws.

I still really like my removable wheel, but it needs to be monitored.


Tim, yes that’s how mine went. I found I was getting a horrible audible knocking through the wheel on really bumpy roads. I didn’t like it, so I bought a solid hub adaptor so I can still use my nice steering wheel.

the wheel comes off in your hands!

It did lead me to practice steering by just the hub. Easier than you’d think but not good for anything other than to get you to a safe place to pull over!


Brendan - Thanks for the info.

IDG - Which screws caused your problem? Was it the ones exposed with the wheel removed or the ones hidden behind the spline connection?
Thanks in advance.


I’m trying to remember, but can’t.

If it helps, the replacement screws were longer but didn’t have an angled seat, so they protruded slightly and weren’t flush. This didn’t matter and the wheel could still be attached without problem. That may help you work it out.

B&C were very good and got a new one out to me pronto. I still don’t have complete faith in the design though, and would caution anybody from over tightening the screws.

I’ll try and work it out when I’m next with the car (making it sound like a mistress! ).


Thanks IDG.

I re-used all but 2 screws, which have been replaced with slightly shorter ones. It seems ok other than slight play in the locking mechanism.


The screws seem stronger than the hub. In the end I decided to mix three of the originals with three of the longer ones the guys in the hanger supplied, which were slightly longer (having filed down the tops so they sit flat). I guess that points further to it being the hidden screws, as I don’t remember seeing the silver heads when I have the wheel off.


Thanks again for the replies. I think I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

Amazingly, the dealer couldn’t even fit the thing as they thought the section connecting to the spline was missing