Removable Steering Wheels - advice pls

Morning, i am seeking you advice on what steering wheel to have placed on the Exige, it currently has the std Lotus wheel.I have a Momo Power 300mm wheel and quick relase boss kit that B&C fitted in August on my S2. I was going to have it swapped over to the Exige but after thinking about it i have never really been too happy with it. I feel at times that it does not provide the feedback i like (personal preference of course).I have seen other removable wheels and more importnatly hubs, on Elise’s, can you guys recommend any and where to source them and fitting, thanks, Mark.p.s. If anyone wants to buy the wheel and boss kit it is in A1 condition (cost �355 +VAT at B&C) for �230

I’m not quite sure what you mean by feedback in relation to what a change in the wheel will provide?I have exactly your set-up in my Exige and love it, especailly the slightly faster response the reduced wheel size gives.What are you looking for in a wheel?Ian [image][/image]

well when i say feedback, i find my current set up not as solid as the std wheel. I appreciate that a lot of that feeling is due to the bulk of the std wheel and in that respect i suppose the momo is a bit light? Mark.

thats less than you are selling it for on the lotus bbs!C

Christine you are indeed correct, here is the response i have just posted.Posted 12 November 2002 at 17:37:12 UK time,Mcdermom, surrey, [email protected] Tigga, you know my misses and how expensive her tastes are!!! I have to make up for the fact i bought the Exige and that costs money, sorry.Any how knowing my luck i will have to reduce the price anyway, no rush tough.Check out this Reggae station, serious dub, nice… (Z.I.O.N. radio)Mark (chilling)I am new at this sales game and i suppose i could have left it as it was and whoever phoned stating would have got it cheaper. Oh well, Mark.

Ok Tigga was right and i should have listened.Steering wheel and boss unit now �230 o.n.o. Mark.

All sold now, thanks, Mark.