Removable Momo fitted

just got this fitted by Ollie at Phoenix a few weeks ago, looks and feels better than original wheel, slightly smaller at 280mm.
This is the same unit as fitted to Cup cars at the factory.
More complicated than I thought it would be, so glad I didn’t attempt DIY, needed some rewiring to connect horn and disable airbag warning light.
January 2016 055.JPG
January 2016 057.JPG
January 2016 059.JPG

Looks great :sunglasses:

Yeah has a great retro look to it.


Another top job from Ollie.

Nice looking wheel.I think mine is 300. It 280 what was fitted on the S1?

Pretty sure 300 on both S1 and S2

Looks great. Where did you source the wheel from please? Thinking of doing similar.

That will be the same boss and quick release but the factory use a 320 momo tuner steering wheel.
The 320mm wheel was also used on the S2 and 211 when they had a factory removable wheel, its also listed in the parts books

Would your B&G kit work with this?
Prefer a 300mm wheel. Do like the OEM look of that Momo Tuner.

You’d need the B&G removable kit plus the splined alloy boss as fitted by Lotus both can be bought from Seriously Lotus
Are you sure you want a 300mm wheel?
I’d stick with a 320mm if I were you…
Need a horn ring as fitted to the earlier cars available from Lotus or alternatively I think it’s a Vauxhall part…

Thanks Ishy,

I tried a 320 on the last one and ended up swapping it for a 300 which I prefered. Maneuvering can be a bit of a pain but generally okay.

I’ll get hold of Dave and see about the kits.