Remote Thermostat

I have purchased an Elise Parts remote thermosat, I was going to attempt fitting this but have been advised that it may well be worth getting this done at a workshop…

I have dropped PlansMotorsport a line to see if they would be willing…
Does anybody know how long (roughly…) this should take ??


I did mine in about 6 hrs but I had the clam off.
Know of somebody that spent two looong afternoons and a few skinned knuckes but did it with the clam on.

Yep, it’s a b1tch!

Uldis - Cheers
I think it may of been yourself that put me off the whole idea in one of your postings…

Im going to speak to PlansMotorsport tomorrow, they have said they will fit Gearys.


Did mine last week, but yes i had the car on my ramp and had the rear clam off, so wasn’t to much of a problem. The hardest part is inserting the new thermostat housing into the water pipe that diapears into the chassis rail. That tokka lot of shoving and a few expletives.