Remap to 190 soon

I’m sure a number of you have had the recall work done on the S1 ECU. Mine goes into B&C next week to be done. My ECU would not accept the new mappings, so they are replacing the whole unit.

Are the differences that noticeable? Is this something to look forward to or is the change marginal?

Cheers Carttman

Marginal TBH, basically at the top RPM it still pulls rather than running out of puff a litle…

That’s my experience of going from the standard 177 to an Emerald with Piper Verniers 190… Basically you may as well

…just to clarify…I’m on 190bhp already…but with the old mappings.


i reckon it’ll feel smoother but a little less urgent and the noise at full chat or when you blip the throttle is different… from memory

Definately smoother at low revs.

when was this recall announced ? how do I know if my car has had it done ?


Andy Plant at Lotus [email protected] will be able to tell you if the car has had all/any of the official recall work carried out eg 5500rpm misfire ECU upgrade, which applied to both 177 & 190bhp cars. He will know if the car is 177 or 190 - assuming the 190 upgrade was dealer fitted (he can’t possibly know which cars have Emerald ECUs, as these were not dealer options). There have been a number of recall issues, not just the ECU misfire one eg front brakeline relocation, & petrol filler modification.

Andy will need the full chassis number of the car, not the registration number.

thanks as always !!


An easier way is to find out on-line! Click on this link:

and have your VIN number handy and the official Lotus website will tell you if your car is missing a recall job.

BTW, the factory had no ECU’s in stock so my car is waiting for the upgrade. Good news is that the wait ends tomorrow as B&C have now received the part. Guess I will know the results tomorrow PM.

Cheers all - Carttman

Does the recall apply to cars that had the 190 upgrade by the dealer or is it just factory fitted upgrades…mine was fitted by its second owner at Wilsons, but when I put the VIN number into the search it said that there are no recalls. I’m pretty sure I have not had the upgraded ECU.

When was the 190 done? I could have been with the upgrade ECU.



My car is done…and well…what a difference. No more juddering at low rev’s in 2nd gear. Pull off’s are smoother and I don’t know if it is my mind playing tricks , but I think that the engine has a slightly more determined note when you start stretching into the 6000+ rev range. Is this likely?

My Exige was updated to 190 07/01…it was reg 05/01. I have looked through all the old service docs and one was for recall work - brakes and ECM.