Reluctant Starter

For the past few weeks had an intermittent problem starting the lil’ monster. Engine turns over just fine but sometimes won’t fire at all Generally happens when cold but has occurred also when warm Have got the Silver Plus battery fitted. Any suggestions??

Generally happens when cold

Get moved over to the right side of the Penines, it’s never cold here.
Sorry to be of no help whatsoever came over for a chat at Oulton but you had disapeared - was it my aftershave or did you have a secret rendevous…

Are the plugs getting wet when ti won’t start? If not could be the 100% throttle thing (if you’re running the Lotus ECU)…

Hi Simon, hope you are well despite the lil monster giving you a few headaches, spoke to my mate from Prodrive engine testing place to ask him about the 100% throttle thingy, he says that this shouldn’t really stop the car from firing but its worth a go, its a procedure that he does on a K when they have re-connected the ECU (as per a battery change, BTW, have you changed the battery or disconnected it lately?) Basically turn the ignition on so she is awake and then open and close the throttle 5 times, this resets the pedal position within the ECU, apparantly it should be 4% open at tickover when done (something you can only see with laptop plugged in) Apart from that he suggests the usual, after turning it over and it doesn’t fire quickly check the plugs to see if they are damp, at least you will be able to see if its a fuel or spark related problem. If you think its flooded try starting it with the throttle 100% open to draw in lots of air. He has gone of to ask his senior engineer if he has any ideas, i will post them when I get them.

I think it was pesky that had this, if the TPS is dodgy it can read 100% throttle which is a plug drying measure on the ECU so will crank the engine and spark the plugs but not inject and fuel until you back off the throttle…

Doesn’t matter if the actual throttle is open or not. I’m sure there’s a note in the service manual about it as well… Yep, page 16 of the Exige suppliment under Engine Management

Cheers Guys for useful info perplexing bit is that it is so intermittent, won’t fire at all then boom firing on all 4 like a good 'un.
Steve where were you last Weds night at the Watermillock?

Steve where were you last Weds night at the Watermillock?

Heathrow airport…


Like the others have said, we need to know if its fuel or spark in the first instance… if youve got both of these then its a wee bit more difficult but the TPS problem related above is a possibility and is exactly what IDG’s problem was. At full throttle setting when cranking the fuel injectors are cut-off so no fuel… … it could be faulty thus causing the same effect. Other stuff could be the Fuel injector relay sticking or the ecu water temp sender breing dicky…

If it does it again you need to make the basic “is it spark?” “is it fuel” checks.

let us know…

Must be spreading Simon because mine wont start now .

My problem is when I start the key , the petrol pump sounds louder than normal even though I have 20 litres of fuel

When turning the key further , I just get a continuous clicking sound and that is it ( from the starter motor )

Also probably unrelated the cd player has totally packed up .

Anyone any ideas or do you think its a sticking starter motor .


Sounds like an almost flat battery to me!

Suggest that after you’ve charged it up, & the car starts, you get the alternator checked out - it should be charging the battery at more than 12 amps!

Good luck.


I agree with Mr Pesky, I had a very similar problem recently when the car failed to start soon after a 2 hour drive. The alternator connections were corroded/covered with a ‘deposit’, & could not supply the battery with a charge. A good clean up sorted it out,with no repeat since.

Thanks Mr Pesky and Tim-Marra .

It was a flat battery .

I also had just travelled approx 100 miles and 30mins after stopping Exige it wouldnt start .

Im a bit confused because prior to reading your posts I checked the fuses and found a MT23 silverstone which was unplugged and dont know if this has had something to do with it as the car has been alright up to now , after starting it quickly with jump leads ???

Checked the alternator and the connections seemed clean ?

I had had some work done at the dealers prior to coming home as this also could have had something to do with .

Thanks again

Glad it’s sorted - & easily

Cheers for the tips guys, carried 'em all out and the problem has not re-occurred since despite quite a bit of use over the past few days…so I don’t know what it was but hopefully between us we’ve cured it

must be something in the Yorkshire air up here this week