Refuse at your peril!


You need to do one of these

Nah, he’s been too busy doing Veronique.

hmmmm and if i said no ?

Yo Phil, good to hear from you!

hey Phil

where the heck have you been then

it’d be great to see you at donny

Thanks guys, i’ve been very lazy , dont think i have even opened the doors on it for almost year now (but as a second best i have been driving Trudys) - i have been popping in now and again to have a read on whats going on, can see that lots of new names have appeared and all the regulars are still here :slight_smile:

Look forward to see you at Donny

Look forward to see you at Donny

Great stuff, mate

Should we reserve a grandstand for your family?

Nah, thats ok, but a stretched limo would be nice

Looks like she has some friends coming down as well…