Well, the time has come again folks.
Due to restructuring guess what, my position dissapears.

I’m looking for another job from now.
I grew up in the oilfield, in Wireline operations, in many countries.
Because I was very good and a hard worker (ahem!) I progressed through several manager positions, became more business oriented, more generalist and less specialist. Marketing oriented, but technical core always.
I later changed companies and joined another highly technical company, Tracerco, that dealt with nucleonic instrumentation, radioactive tracers diagnostics and advice as General Manager for the North Sea in the Aberdeen office.
I have a psecial eye for analyzing, leading teams and making things happen.

And of course, everyone knows I like cars a lot, especially small plastic ones.

I know, slim chance of somebody knowing somebody, but I thought of letting you guys know. After all, I belong to this community.
Who knows? maybe there’s an opening to use all my skills to the car industry in some way or another?

So, crashed car, lost job and I still feel positive.

Must be love…


Uldis, I’m really sorry to hear of your problems. Wish I could help in some way, but all I can do is wish you the best of luck.

Gutted for you, mate.

Fingers crossed that another door opens for you soon - stay positive & I’m sure it will

Sorry Uldis, I wish I had a job or lead to offer.

Take care, and good luck.


Thanks guys.
It happens frequently in the oil business, it moves a lot!

Meanwhile I can concentrate on finishing the details on the house and building the garage.

not lucky, stay positive, now u have time for you!



So sorry to hear this bad news on top of the other bad news…

I have been there as you may remember, and have now come out the other side with a good job.

There is always a demand for someone as positive and well qualified as you.

Stick with it.

Sorry to hear that Uldis, hope something comes up for you real soon.


Bad luck!

I know of at least two motor clubs who have vacancies at the moment. The pay is usually poor for the level of skills required and they’re both in the southern half of the country but if you want to work with cars…

One of them is at AMOC and. I think is mainly a membership thing but probably some involvement in race meetings and the like.

Sorry to hear that matey. Good Luck for the future.


Thanks guys.
Incidentally, the repeir centre has just come to pick up my car.

So, it was crash the car, falling on my butt on some rocks taking the trash out, receiving the redundancy news and having back and shoulder pain for no aparent reason.

Well, as they say: it can’t rain all the time… and everything is going to be alright

Uldis - as Mike says there will be a positive side to this when you look back. You seem to have the right mental attitude - in abundance. I have been through redundancy twice and about to make it a third time in July - I am just going to take advantage of the opportunity it offers to address the work life balance, ie off on a 6 week summer holiday


Good luck to you too, mate.

6 week holiday sounds good - where are you off to?

In fact, I’m goingto finish the house, build the garage and all the pending things.

We have to do the best with what we’re given (well, and look for more )

Have a couple of ideas:

  • drive through Yukon and up the Dempster Highway
  • RV through Arizona

just working the options before deciding.

thats shocking uldis. I met a man last week who at 45 years old was made reduntant after 15 years service to his company with a �1200 redundancy package. He was qualified and a lecturer in maths and science but noone would offer him a job. So he started working for himself and set up his own company. He now has operations all over europe and has become a very wealthy man. With your skills and positive outlook, why not investigate the possibilities of working for yourself doing what you want? You could also use free time just now to develop new skills. Youll be fine mate

Deffo agree there. Almost without exception, everyone I know who has been through redundancy has emerged all the better for it. Anything you can do to start on your own Uldis? If so, I say go for it.

Sorry to hear that Uldis.

Agree with all that’s been said, only thing to add is - Good luck!


Wow!, thanks guys for all the words of encouragement.
I’m pretty optimist, pretty sure something better will come out of it.

Uldis - you know the saying things happen in three’s ? - So there’s nothing to stop you now - good luck