Red manifold gone !!!

Cams have been timed, Bruno’s map loaded up, engine started and ran for 45 mins…no glowing manifold, no flames out the back, idles pretty well but revs rapidly [image][/image]left it running until the fans kicked in, pretty low setting on at 95, off at 92 on the ECU, although the temp guage was only reading 86. All working ok, shut off engine, no heat soak as temp dropped…things are looking much better now [image][/image]

PhilThat’s good to hear [image][/image]Must say that I’m most impressed that you’re doing all this yourself [image][/image]

Well if you dont mind getting dirty, slicing your hands to bits, frightening dogs and kids for miles around when you scream, it’s a lot of fun, you really get to know your car well…Trudy’s is going to be next although she doesn’t know it yet [image][/image]oh btw oil temp reached 80c, oil pressure steady at 4.5 bar - added two guages below the heater controls to keep an eye on them.

Rob is right there…bloody brill stuff…keep an eye on your oil consumption as well…once you are driving the beast…cheers,Bruno

Bruno, swapped over to the oval tail pipe today…much better, that funny sound the twins had has gone and it just leaves a deep burble. [image][/image]Also to get the system to fit properly, you have to cut through the heat shield fabric under the boot tray !!

Phil, I’m so glad you say this…but hang on, where did you get it from? Geary told me that EBD has to make them first…Am I missing something here or what? [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]I will give him a bell tomorrow…cheers,Bruno

Bruno, i went up to EBD yesterday and swapped over the whole system. Geary said that this system was the one i ordered anyway back in May !!

ah, I see, this is one of the advantages, living on your island… [image][/image] [image][/image]later,Bruno

And only a short drive from them [image][/image]Bruno, what is the full spec of your car, did you change the fuel pressure regulator and throttle bodies ??