Red Exige near Tower of London

My girlfriend is working in London all summer and she saw a red Exige last night on her way home near the Tower of London - must have been about 8-9pm.

It was the first one she has seen in about 5 weeks.


Dunno, there’s a gunmetal one that drives around near there, seen it along cannon st. quite a bit

One of only 5 red Exiges ever made and its not mine , so that leaves four more .

Apparently one of them is in Scotland

I know one of them made it to the States as well.

I did question her on the color since I didn’t think many red were built.

i’ve seen this one before, he gave me the thumbs up as I we were side by side at the traffic lights… but that was like november last year.

Ah, this will be me then!

Haven’t been on the site for a while, working hard.

Tower Bridge and all along the embankment is where I take my ‘little red beastie’ for its early evening workouts … after congestion charging finishes for the night. Got to keep reminding those ‘porch drivers’ what a real sports-car looks like

Hey Meat,
Stop worrying about what’s in London and get yours to the track!!!

No kidding - I just need to find the time and money…

Oh - and get my Dynamics sorted…