Red Exige from Haydon Lotus

So who bought the Red Exige from Haydon Lotus then? Just spoke to them today, and its been sold…

Def. Not guilty - it had the ugliest mirrors going!!But the motorsport Elise was the biz!and the BRG paint with the burgundy sheen - nearly had me digging out my parka and mod shirts.[This message has been edited by Tone (edited 06 December 2002).]

Yeah, the BRG motorsport elise is nice, I was very nearly tempted as well. Did you take it out? its sweet…if a little under powered… but I was a bit worried about resale value…and the milage…And the red Exige was a bit ugly…just interested as to who picked it up!

Naa didn’t take it out - would have bought it and the Lotus Carlton…then new house extention would have been all garages!!!