Red Bemani S2 for sale

High guys bellow you will read the spec of my Exige, which this year I intend to sell. First things first I am selling (but not in any hurry) because I am going to get something even more impractical (don�t worry I am not going to leave the Loti family!) I have been doing some research on the value of the car basically from Europe where these Bemani cars have reached the 2nd hand market and they seem to hold up well. As you will read the car is the whole package - I have sorted all aspects of the car from power through to the bakes and handling. To do this for yourself will take lots of time and money.

With that said I am looking for �34950 which I think is a reasonable price. As to get an S, 240R/Cup or even a standard Exige up to this spec would cost you over 42-45k depending on base car.

As I have already mentioned I am not in a hurry and I am keen for the car to go to find a good home so I am posting just here for the time being.

Bemani supercharged S2 Exige 270ps+ �34950


This is a unique, sorted and very fast car. A lot of time and money has been spent on it.

One owner from new. Exige S2 1st registered March 2005 on a 05 plate around 13k miles (3k with sc).
Full Lotus servicing history (including extra oil changes)
The basic spec of the car as bought was red S2 Exige with performance pack - twin oil cooler, Black Alcantara/Carbon effect Sports Seats and 4 point harnesses(both 3point and 4 point seat belts fitted). The car also has a tracker, Air Conditioning, Blaupunkt CD Player, Remote Central Locking, ABS Brakes, Driving Lights, Factory Alarm And Immobiliser, and paint protection kit.

Current spec
295/290 mm (F/R) AP5000 discs on aluminum bells
RS42s pads
Front brake cooling ducts
Castrol SRF brake fluid

The 240R rims weigh in at 6.1kg at the front and 8.1kg at the rear, 16"x7J and 17"x8J (the 16 spoke cast Exige rims weigh 8.8 and 9,4 kg - 6.5J front, 7.5J rear)

Motor sports ARB
Plans 46mm Ohlins running 425/500 spring rates (F/R)
Ride height 120/125 (F/R)

Drive train
Lotus Motor Sports sourced up-rated clutch
Quife limited slip differential
Bemani Supercharger system including
Eaton M90 Roots type supercharger
0.55 bar max pressure
270ps (at sea level @ 30c air temp) (now producing closer to 270hp with zaust mods)
241 Nm
Charge cooled

Oil System
Spa temp and pressure gauges
Twin oil coolers
Bemani�s baffled sump
Uses up-rated oil

2bular �GT3� 3inch straight through pipe 8x23inch back box
With extra baffle for meeting tight noise regs
Bemani�s Sports Cat & manifold (4-2-1)

The car also has a Maddog aluminum rear diffuser fitted

The suspension, up-rated clutch were installed by Plans Motor sports. The gearbox was sent to Quife for fitting of LSD. The car comes with full guide to setting the car up to match conditions and track. Very easy to tailor the cars set-up to a particular drivers preferences.

Bemani Supercharger
The Bemani kit was installed in June 06 by Swiss Lotus dealer Kumschick sports cars. Over 200 111rs and S2 Exiges have had a Bemani supercharger installed and combined have many 10000s of development miles on road and track. Bemani use a superior charge cooler (air to water) system to cool the compressed intake charge. This does not suffer from the same heat sink issues that the Lotus kit suffers from (240r/240 Cup & S). The second coolant system is very well integrated into the car with pipe work run through sills etc. Bemani also have used the larger M90 supercharger that has plenty of scope for higher boost levels. The kit has been designed to use as many standard parts as possible so come service time any Lotus dealer can service the car (only Oil and spark plugs differ). Plans Motor Sports are now the official UK agent for the Bemani kit so technical back up is only a phone call away.

Assortment of spares from softer springs through to tyres are included in the sale.
Please contact me for further information.
Based in Edinburgh
PM me for info
Will post phone number when back in the UK

Cheers Jamie

I am going to get something even more impractical (don�t worry I am not going to leave the Loti family!)

Do I see a Lotus Circuit Car calling you Jamie…

Do I see a Lotus Circuit Car calling you Jamie…

AFAIK Lotus Sport Cadena still have a car for sale

Blimey Jamie, what a shame to be selling after all the time and effort (not to mention dosh!) you have spent. What next though??? Bit difficult to trailer a Circuit Car behind your Smart

If anyone is interested in this car I have paxed in it on track and had a quick drive in it on road, and can vouch for the fact that it is an awesome piece of kit - in fact it must be one of, if not the quickest road legal S2s in the UK.


Towing is for wimps

Shame to see her go, fantastic motor.
Looking forward to seeing her replacement!
Good luck with the sale!

Towing is for wimps

So new project is road legal then? That must rule out the Cadena car.

Do I see a Lotus Circuit Car calling you Jamie…

Nah, he’s going for a Europa

damm always the case 2 months ago I would have had it off you.

Seems strange to sell it as its now all sorted, thats a lot of cash to lose.

Are you going Honda SC route?


More experiences can be found here

Alight all
Price is 28995 no offers no time wasters!

pic from today

Price is 28995…

�28995! You can�t even get a used �S� for that, it’s gotta be the bargain of a lifetime…


PS. The colour looks gorgeous in the pic .

wow now thats cheap, it must have 9k worth of stuff on even without the SC kit.

Yes very cheap - can you please put the price up or hurry up & sell it as it’s not going to help me sell mine Jamie!!!

You geetting the KT SC on the purple monster?

Yes m8 - Hangar 111 are going to be the UK agents so Greg’s using mine as the guinea pig!! Oh & it’s the Purple Peril now!

It’ll be interesting to see what results it produces & how it handles with the larger wheels/tyres

Glad to hear that Greg is finally getting his sc! I was 1st inline for the 280RR

Car is now a mega bargain for someone! Not tempted just to keep the red beasty Jamie?