Recommended front toe settings?

Hi everyone!

Anyone got a suggestion for front toe settings for an S1 Elise?

Got a trackday fairy soon but don’t think I’m going to have time to book it in anywhere for a full geo.

Running Advans and 110/120 ride height.

Don’t want anything to nervous, and car’s mostly used on road.

Cheers for any help


Hi Dave,

It might be worth looking on Stephen Oliver’s website here Eliseweb.


Thanks Steven.

Have heard someone else mention 1mm toe out. IIRC factory setting is for 0� toe. Anyone else give that setting the thumbs up?

Also, would anyone trust a place like kwik fit etc to set the toe? I’m sure the local place I used to trust to do my tracking didnt touch the toes settings last time I went!!

IIRC factory setting is for 0� toe. Anyone else give that setting the thumbs up?

I’ve had mine set for 0� toe. I know of two people who’ve gone toe-out, one loves it, the other immediately went back to 0� toe.

Whoops! Just realized your talking S1. If it makes difference, in the above cases I’m referring to S2s.

Why did he hate it out of interest?

I don’t think the factory setting was ever 0, I think it always had slight toe out (i.e. 0.12mm IIRC)

I’ve always run zero toe or slight toe in but car currently has slight toe out and I’m not convinced as it makes the response around centre on the steering slightly vague.

So would you go for 0 or a bit of toe in Mark?

Thing is toe is not an exclusive item, what is your camber, castor, and the rear settings as well, not to mention what springs you are running.

Too many people just slap a geo on the car without considering everything else.

(although unless you have very agressive geo I’d steer clear of toe-in)

Mark, have no idea what the other settings are! They were a ‘secret’ set up by a well known midlands garage!

I just wanted a setting for the toe to get me through the LoT Cadwell trackday as I’m not going to be able to get to the Daventry place you recommended (Guglemi?)

Just that the car has been feeling a bit ‘vague’ lately and wanted to at least get the toe checked and set.

Running S2 Bilsteins btw!

Not knowing the secret Hor… set-up, it’s probably best to stick to either parallel or a touch of toe out as they will probably use toe-out on their set-up, most places do.
Get it measured 1st and see what it is, but don’t get too much toe-out added. Have a look at a few of the recommended settings on here and SELOC to give you an idea of approx what is used.

Cheers Mark, best start keeping a record of my settings for camparisons

Why did he hate it out of interest?

The owner that went back to 0� toe reported that it made the front feel far too twitchy for his liking.

Mine seems quite neutral at 0� with increased camber (max available and even side-to-side). Turn is seems a bit delayed at the moment, but I figure I’ve only got one track event left my current AO48’s and I did tweak some other settings on the car (I need to drop back by and get my printout).

Of course, that could be what I get for letting Ruf work on it.