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This may have been answered before in which case appologies for my laziness - but , is there a definitive list of all the recalls and Lotus dealer mods (not refering to custom add ons - just known issues where there is offical corrective advice) and is there an easy way to check if a former owner has corrected the issue ?


Try these links…

ECU Recall

Fuel Hose Recall

Only sure way is to ask someone to check, and that is usually a dealer…

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Also found this with 3 recalls listed…



For some reason the link doesn’t work for me…

Can you briefly summarise for me, and everyone?



…is there a definitive list of all the recalls… M

I have spoken to dealers about this before. There are ‘public’ recalls, e.g. those affecting safety or with a high public profile for some other reason, and a (usually) much longer list of ‘secret’ recalls which are not safety related but which dealers will deal with as and when they are able (the saving grace here is that they can claim for the work so it is all money in the bank). If you think about it, manufacturers will only issue a public recall notice if they are likely to get into trouble if they don’t - they would rather that none of their products was ever associated with a recall. However, tacitly they accept that sometimes they get it wrong and put things right during servicing at dealers and sometimes the customer has no idea…

That said, I think that, with a small volume manufacturer like Lotus and a SVA car like the Exige, word has gone round on most of them but I suspect that there may still be one or two that we don’t know about (like getting dealers to check that the front compartment opens properly because so many left the line with faults in this area).

The best way to get over this when buying second hand is to have it serviced at a dealer and ask them to check its recall history, which they will do FOC (or should at least!)

Lotus also issue a lot of what they call “Service Bulletins” to dealers which list those things that have been changed at manufacture and which should be checked or adjusted accordingly and be added to the “Service Notes” at the dealers. The good thing about these is that they always make it into the parts lists and workshop manuals in due course. They are a mild form of ‘recall’ in the broadest sense of the word and a good dealer will know about them all on current models.


3 listed - heres the extract…

    Description : The hose connecting a spigot on the filler neck to the fuel tank top surface has been found to be of an incorrect material specification. The suspect hoses have a reduced resistance to tearing and rupturing forces exacerbated by careless or incorrect fitting.

Remedial Action : Recall affected vehicles and replace fuel filler breather hose with modified type.
Vehicle Id : X 7980 to Y 2067 (Elise)
Y 0001 to Y 0567 (Exige)

Description : In the event of a severe engine misfire the catalytic convertor could overheat, which may subsequently result in a fire risk.
Remedial Action : Reprogramme the ECU to incorporate a misfire detection system, which will take remedial action in the event of a severe misfire.
Vehicle Id :

Description : Brake pipe routed along by battery on right hand drive models with air conditioning may rub into battery, causing an acid spill. This could result in damage to the brake pipe and a loss of braking efficiency.
Remedial Action : Examine the brake pipe and battery casing for damage, and reposition brake pipe. Renew brake pipe and/or battery if necessary.
Vehicle Id :