rear wing end blade's

Is it just me or do these look pretty cool…

Lotus Exige S Exhaust Sound (Gotham) - YouTube

looks like the standard wing with cf blades on the sides.Any idea where to get them? (doubt halfords do them before anyone says!:slight_smile:

looks different to me, i might be wrong tho, its happen before. but also looks like the stuff off sector111

Those are just end plates, not the Reverie wing. Believe they were done by a US company called RLS (Really Light Stuff). If you go on the lotustalk forum you’ll find them. There was a youtube clip showing how they cleaned the airflow around the wing tips, but you’d really only be doing it for the look.

Yeh im pretty sure its just the end blades on a stock wing.Still think they look coool though.

I thought they looked good until I realised they were attached to the existing end-plates. Would be nice if the standard ones were removed first.