Rear Wheels For Sale

2 x Exige Rear Rimstocks For Sale c/w just road legal AO48s fitted - excellent condition. Looking for �150 each?

Also have a brand new Exige std silencer (never used) for sale - open to offers…

Simon, asuming these are the standard wheels and they are still available I’ll pay your asking price. I’ll send you a mail.


You’ll still need fronts though…

Cheers Kerry - YHM

Thanks Simon, I’ll get your email in the morning.

Uldis, your obviously right, but I’ll take them in singles if necessary . Anyone got a spare front, looking for a home?



What happened to your wheels ??

Rox, nothing wrong with the old ones, I am trying to get a spare set so I can have one set fitted with 048 and another with something for the wet eg. Toyo or khumo etc. Most of my driving is on the west coast roads, so wets are better, but I was hoping to make it to Knockhill this year. I was out with Uldis last weekend and spent all day sliding at the back so I need new rears, but can’t decide what to get as a wet replacement


Choices… choices…

Tyres for wet and normal driving: Colways (so far, but they could work on the dry as well)
Dry: A048 or… want to try my shiny new set of Kumhos? they are supposed to be not bad in the wet!

Apparently Avon have a new track day (but road legal) tyre out call the ZZ-R. Rather frustratingly it’s not on their website and I haven’t yet been able to find out if they’re going to do it in Exige sizes.


I already called Avon (they look rather tasty), but they are still developing them, that was an early announcement.
They may have some Exige-worthy sizes later in the year.
Let’s keep an eye open…

I spoke to Avon at the Autosport show, and got their info on the tyres and no Exige sizes