Rear view: mods for visibility?

On the “rearview mirror size” thread, others have commented about the lack of rear vision. I too am concerned about this.

In my Speedster (LHD VX220) the rear view was quite good and I appreciated it � especially on track. It also allowed me to fit a rear-facing video cam between the seats to capture the action.

I know single seater race cars, such as F1, only have side mirrors, but some of us need all the help we can get and would be particularly gutted to smash our cars (and other peoples’) up due to oversight. Furthermore, I would still like to film what’s going on behind me. I know I could buy a bullet cam and attach that more easily, but would prefer to gain enough rear vision for me and the video cam to have a reasonable view. I’ll start another thread about bullet cam location and equipment just in case! . BTW, I don’t really want a permanently installed cam and monitor as a rearview mirror replacement � that goes against the grain.

I once saw a pic of an S2 Exige on which some of the mesh in the rear slats had been removed. Can’t remember where � think it was on SELOC, but a serach didn’t find it.

Has anyone else considered or actually undertaken a mod to improve rear vision? If yes, how easy is it to get the mesh off and did you just leave it open or put horizontal slats on like a Lamborghini Muira or Lancia Stratos?

If anyone has done a mod for this, did you do it yourself or get a garage to do it? Is there any company supplying parts to improve the vision?

That’s enough questions for now � would love some feedback

The S1 has a smoked perspex ‘window’ which shows off the engine and allows you to have a rear view, not perfect but better than the S2. Not sure if an S1 engine cover would fit an S2!

I would be surprised if it did, but I am hoping for a slightly less pricey solution any way!