Rear View mirror.....

hi all…

rear view mirror in exige…perfect for looking into the rear bay, but thts bout it lol!

so what do people do?

take them out…or continue to looking into the engine bay?

have any of you got yourself flash little ones??

be cool to see/hear what people have done…


Got an Exige S and can’t see anything out the back and have contemplated removing it but haven’t bothered yet. Don’t know why Lotus fit it in the first place as I don’t think it is required by law?

I took mine off. On an S1 just undo the grub screw and slide it off. Should be similar on S2.

the S2’s on a ball joint i think?

unsure as i pick my S2 up on monday! whoop whoop!

check out my micro mirror

works very well.

caymens are fast then…looked alot my on edge than yourslef though…

where did u get that lil mirror??


First, be VERY careful removing the mirror. The windscreen is VERY fragile

Although rear vision is limited, it’s still useful. The standard mirror is huge (Although I think they’ve recently changed to a smaller item).

I swapped my enormous monstrosity for one from the old shape Merc SLK. I think it was also used on the first generation Audi TT. It’s pretty much the perfect size, a nice oval shape, and reasonably priced.

The Micro mirror is pricey, and actually a little too small.

The only problem with fitting a mirror like mine is that it doesn’t fit the standard plinth. I had my plinth swapped over by my local Autoglass place, they were really friendly and helpful and they didn’t want to charge me. I gave them a few quid anyway.

Micro mirror is not to small at all.

you can only see out the centre of the engine bay on an exige anyway and the micro mirror still gives you that.

and its a straight swap.

I looked at one and found it wasn’t wide enough to see the full view with both eyes at once. 3D vision is quite useful for judging distance. If you like it that’s fine, but it’s not for me.

Mine flew off and nearly took out the passenger window after it had been 'professionally reattached to a new screen I had fitted. I didn’t bother with it after that. The law is drivers door mirror + one other so the 2 door mirrors together are fine. I have been thinking of a rear view camera with a 4" tft on the dash but for now, if it’s behind me it’s not in my way so I don’t need to be looking at it


thanks for the advice…

so do you think i should just pop it off and serach for a little one from another make of vehicle?

I got one from halfords, I thik it was one for seeing the kids in the back type thing. Anyway, small but just the right size and its suction mount so you can move it to any position you want.


I looked at those, but I wasn’t impressed by the quality. I wanted something that looked like it was meant to be in the car.

I know what you mean but Pesky will vouch for my pikey tendancies!

Just bought an Exige S and the Lotus Dealer said that a mirror has to be fitted by law whenever there is a rear window fitted.

Just bought an Exige S and the Lotus Dealer said that a mirror has to be fitted by law whenever there is a rear window fitted.

I wonder if that’s the law for manufacturers, the same as the S1 had to be 177 bhp to pass the emissions regulations but you could then legally have a manufacturers upgrade to 190. It’s simply drivers door plus 1 other according to the DOT’s regulations on a car being road legal. According to my local MOT centre at any rate. They passed my S1 without a rear view. I’d guess the dealer has to sell it with a mirror if it should have one but there’s no law to say you can’t remove it if you like