Rear view mirror too big?

I hated the size of mine so much I had to do something about it. I’ve considered going without, but there are times when a mirror comes in useful.

I’ve replaced mine with one off a Mercedes SLK. It’s 40% smaller than the standard one, and it’s a nice rounded shape. It was only �16, so much cheaper than the Micro Mirror which I’ve seen for sale in the US. It also has the night time dipping feature which is missing from the Micro Mirror.

Only problem is it’s a bit of hassle fitting it because it doesn’t mount on the standard boss. I had to carefully remove the original boss by heating it with a hairdryer while twisting it off with some mole grips. Then I had to go to a windscreen place and get a replacement boss. They identified it as an Audi/VW boss, and went out to the skip to find a Polo windscreen they’d replaced recently. We took the boss off that and bonded it to my screen. Still waiting for the adhesive to set before I can try the mirror out.

“I’ve replaced mine with one off a Mercedes SLK.”

Has the other half noticed yet

by heating it with a hairdryer

which I just happened to have in the glove compartment.


Only because you have no requirement for a hairdrier anymore Pesky

I’ve been thinking about a rear view camera system. Would be able to get a clear view out the back instead of looking through slits or chicken wire.

I’ve been thinking about a rear view camera system.

Seriously, how often would that be of any use? Then you’ve got the weight, siting of the screen, cost, & the amount of pi$$ taking you’d get, to contend with

Might impress the birds though


…got to admit its the only bit of bling on my car… camera is discretely fitted in chicken wire at back and screen mounted below stereo (little to the right) - weight is minimal (it’s mainly plastic not cast iron) - my only grumble is that the screen is a tad too big (will get smaller one some time soon) but other wise reversing off the drive is definitely less of a panic moment and doesnt require the passenger to keep leaping out to guide out of tricky parking spots - note I do have a motorsport cover so normal visibility out of back is next to nil (with only wing mirrors to rely on) - I removed the useless rear view mirror ages ago…

i’m living without the rear mirri without problems, during 2 years now.

weight saving…

LOL @ Andy and to Pesky

I must say a rear view camera seems slightly at odds with raw racer feel of an S1 Exige. And it’s a bit OTT for an S2 because a mirror just about does the job. For me, if you really need extra help, a parking sensor would seem a bit more appropriate.

The mirror is much bigger than needed, I’ve used some of it to mount my Origin B2.
B2 on the lhs of the mirror, rhs more than big enough to view back between the seats.

the same size mirror is on the 240r, just so that you can look at the super charger!

But I need it for visibility of cars trying to overtake me on track. Not fond of just wing mirrors.

This looks promising:

I like it!

I like the idea of a camera system - would be able to link it to a front camera and then get some great footage on trackdays.

I find that the rearview mirror really restricts forward vision as well as a forward facing camera. A small screen mounted above the windscreen would be the ideal position.

Which system are you using?

Coming from a Speedster (LHD VX220), I am a bit worried about the restricted rear vision in the Exige � especially on track. I can see a little, but I’d like to see a little more. On track, I had a rear-facing mini-DV camera mounted, but that is a no-hoper with the Exige. Don’t really want to get a bullet camera, I just want better rear vision to solve both above issues.

(I too considered a reaview camera system, but it does go against the grain… as does park assist radar!)

I did once see a pic of an Exige S2 where someone had removed the wire in one slot for better vision. Has anyone ever considered, or even tried, horizontal slats (in place of the wire in the slots) as used on the original mid-engined masterpiece, the Lamborghini Muira?

As the rear view per se is a separate, although related, topic to the rear view mirror, I’ll start a new thread to keep it tidy.

I like it!

Me too!!!

I yanked mine off 6 months ago!! Rear visibility is crap with it anyway and I get a better view with the incar cam for trackdays

the same size mirror is on the 240r, just so that you can look at the super charger!

Not on mine…I binned the bloody thing on day 1

I just lost my mirror a couple days ago!
It just came off from the galss, perfectly, didn’t leave any residue and fell on top of the gear lever.

I guess it’s a message from above to change it for the smaller one