Rear Toe Links

Ok part of the winter suspension “overhaul” is gonna be fitting a uniball toe link kit … However now I look into it I’m a little confused … easy really [image][/image]OK - the kit is basic a pair of rods with rose joints ™ at each end ( deja vu … I’ve been here before havn’t I ? )Anyway the manual indicates extra brackets, but I undestand those are only needed for the ali hubs and all Exiges have steel so you just bolt the rose joint™ to the hub with shims etc ??The inboard end is bolted through the wishbone mounting with a little bracket that bolts to the subframe for some reason ??Now I read Geary has “recalled” some joints ??As ths part of the car seems subject to high loads and high failure rates It would be good to get the real story of whats needed - any comments anyone ??Many thanksAndrew

I will qualify this up front by saying this is not a definitive answerHowever, the Lotus service manual shows in detail how this kit gets fitted (the Lotus one obviously, not Geary’s!!!)I don’t have it infront of me, as I am at work, but I recall that is is fairly self-explanatory about the differences in kit between different hub types. If you don’t have a manual, I am sure someone would be kind enough to send you a scan of the appropriate page

MarkThanks - I downloaded the Parts manual and yes it covers all my dumb questions 100%.I’ve worked out what joints are used and how it all goes together now … Checked prices of 12mm rod ends and quality ones are not cheap !! so Geary’s kit looks reasonable value so long as he is using good joints [image][/image]Bumpsteer setup is covered in the service manual so I’m ok there as well [image][/image]CheersAndrew

Miniman said:Thanks - I downloaded the Parts manual and yes it covers all my dumb questions 100%. - Where can you download the parts manual from?Cheers Simon

quote:Originally posted by simon:Where can you download the parts manual from?I think that Miniman meant that he looked at his CD. Are you going to Elvington on Jan 4th after all - if so, I will bring you a CD (even though you are a Tyke!). Send me an email to remind me before the day!!! [image][/image]

Rob/SantaYou in practice for tonight [image][/image] (3:48am)Your correct - I actually looked at my CD [image][/image] - which I’m gonna study over xmas [image][/image]Have a great time everyone

RobThanks for putting me right and cheers for the offer, yep will def be at Elvington on the 4th Jan - will mail you near the day. Cheers v Grateful Tyke

quote:Originally posted by simon:yep will def be at Elvington on the 4th Jan SimonI take it your’re not driving, as you are still only “provisional” on Bookatrack (& only 2 places remain)?

Guys,Can anyone turn up to Elvington and spectate? Im still on the hunt for a car, and would like pop along and drool over your cars!!! and generaly learn a bit more about these fine cars!Where’s Elvington???

Thanks RobI’d better get a move on - first time Ive booked, if should miss out will def be going anyway just to see how its done!

Dominic yep, anyone can go along & spectate. Go to & look at the Events section for directions (Elvington is close to York)SimonLooks like you have missed out - but you could email Jonny at Bookatrack to double check. Assuming the weather is okay, I’ll see you there. Probably won’t make the effort if it’s raining - or worse!!!

York!! Bloody hell thats a bit far from Chichester!!Think I’ll pop along to AutoSport instead!Thanks anyway Pesky.