Rear std. suspension

Hi all,

back from holiday, I recommend snowboarding to anyone, great fun once you’re over the pain

So onto more car realted fun, while I was away it’s had a wee sevice again, but my offside rear shock is leaking so will need a new one, but can expect the nearside to go too.

So how much for a new pair or does anyone who’s upgraded have a pair they want to sell? I’d imagine the springs will be OK.

The suspension looks like bike suspension, is it? 'cos I could probably get some ex race ohlins or something

There are some Dynamics and Ohlins shocks, but expect to pay dearly for them, around the �2500 mark.
Don’t know of any used though.

As an upgrade you can’t go wrong with the Nitrons . About same mones than the std ones and better. I would personally go for the dual adjustable ones.

If you want used originals, I’m sure some people in the borad have some left over from their upgrade (usually to Nitrons)

Well I was just curious as they look exactly like the rear shock and spring off of a motorbike, i.e. very small

But some used shocks would be great, anyone got any? The whole strut would be easier I guess but happy to get just both rear struts off of someone Anyone?



Mark would recommend that you replace shocks as a pair. A rather tasty set of shocks on ebay at mo’ under lotus exige, bidding stalled at �600…

Disappeared - looks like they sold or were withdrawn…

Disappeared - looks like they sold or were withdrawn…

They seem to be back, currently �621.10 with 11 hours left


Cheers guys… I’d love the remote resiviour stuff but too much!!!

Mike YHM