Rear Spoiler of Motorsport Exige

Hi,does anybody know where to get the rear spoiler of the motorsport exige? Does it fit at the regular exige ? Anybody knows what it will cost ?RegardsFabian

FabianI suspect you will have to try Lotus Motorsports dept:Phone Chris Dinnage on +44 1953 608651 sell a spoiler that will work better than the Exige one, its adjustable and sits past the end of the car so it will actually work properly - as the MotorSport one does. You might want to consider a better splitter at the same time…SteveB

I think altering the wing with changing the splitter could be disasterous for the balance of the car…therefore it would be important to do both together as part of a package.SteveB - can you explain more of what you say…from pics i would have said that both the motorsport wing and the exige wing sit in about the same position?

Hi,the rear spoiler looks differnt. [image][/image] The is the standard exige one just made of carbon ! I want it like the pic!RegardsFabian

steve,I understood that the motorsport wing is closer to the rear of the car, and its shape is different. To get type approval lotus had to compromise the rear wing compared to the one used on the MotorSport car.Fabian,The EliseParts is definitely not the same as the standard Exige one, it has a different shape and is mounted further rearwards, and its angle is adjustable.SteveB

Am I right in thinking that with the Motorsport Elises, the spoiler uprights go through the clam and connect to the chassis ?

yes u’re right David.Fabian: the pic u posted is quite old, the motorsport wing is a bit different.

Hi David & Nicolas,this is the last pic at the N�rburgring taken of the wing. As you can see it is through the body, because of the air pressure. [image][/image] [image][/image] [This message has been edited by fabian (edited 04 September 2002).][This message has been edited by fabian (edited 04 September 2002).]

It’s a 3 way deal - Don’t do the MSport spoiler without the Msport front splitter, without STIFFER SPRINGS, if not 2 or 3-way adjustable dampers.Here’s the prices and part numbers I got from lotus for a Motorsport Spoiler & Splitter upgrade:"The Motorsport Splitter will set you back �235.96, you will also need the undertray and connecting panel which are �52.25 and �32.50 respectively. I would not recommend using the front splitter on its own, it will probably mess up the handling, we have never tested the combination of MotorsportSplitter and Exige rear wing so cannot be certain. The performance you would gain from the complete aero kit and dampers would be very substantial. It is also very easy fit."Rear Wing Kit-------------ALS1U0004F Rear Wing Assy ALS1U0008K Mounting Brkt (Quantity 2 req’d)ALS1U0007K Mounting Brkt (Qty 2 req’d)ALS1U0006K Mounting Brkt (Qty 2 req’d)ALS1U0002F Mounting Brkt (Qty 2 req’d)ALS1U0009K Mounting BrktALS1U0010K Mounting BrktTotal Retail 976.78Total Dealer 775.73Front Splitter Kit------------------ALS1B0044K Front SplitterALS1A0010K UndertrayALS1A0011K Infill PanelTotal Retail 320.71Total Dealer 231.35

Hi Beto,thanks for the details,… First Question - How low will the fron Spoiler be - ground to spoiler ? Can you still drive it on the streets?The prices you wrote down … are they US Dollar or Pounds?Can you drive the reaqr wing without front splitter ?RegardsFabian

The Motorsport front splitter is VERY low. It is only about 2 inches off the ground I would think - I don’t think street driving would be good at all with this - I don’t think you could get over any curbs without damaging it.I wouldn’t fit the wing without the splitter and uprated springs/dampers. It will play havoc with the handling of the car.My $.02PS - I believe those prices are in pounds.

I think Geary at Eliseparts does a splitter somewhere between the Motorsport item and the Exige item. It may work sufficiently well if the rear wing is set at a lesser angle of attack.CheersChris

Of course the prices were in British pounds, what do you think is, some kinda Septic outfit? :-)Do the rear Motorsport spoiler for looks. If you want “performance” your car becomes track-only when you put on those nasty springs and nanometer-clearance-splitter.

Hi Beto, do you have some good pictures of the front splitter you could post ! Thaks to all for teh support ! Rear wing is ordered !Fabian

Sorry Fabian, I don’t have a good set of motorsport pics to show you the splitter. The pictures I saw are small and too far away to see any detail.

FabianI’ve mailed you some pictures - sorry, but don’t know to put them on this website!Hope they help.