Rear Mudflaps

Having just had an extensive respray of just about the whole car excluding drivers door, rear wing and engine cover, I thought I would set about eliminating the causes of the worst stonechips. Front mudflaps have been fairly extensively discussed before but has anyone noticed how much damage is done to the rear clam to the sides of the diffuser? A run on some fairly muddly roads showed me that there is an area that gets heavily covered by anything thrown up by the rear wheels.I have decided to evaluate a set of short rear mudflaps (I have sent some pics to David to post when he has a chance - hello david and thanks in advance!).Anybody else tried this or thinking about it?

Who and how much for the respray Steve?

work was done under warranty due to defects in the finish…organised via Lotus and done by the company that sprayed the original panels for the Exige