Rear Hub Damaged - Anyone Seen This Before?

Have been suffering with a noise that sounded like a belt squeal when the car was cold and progressively went away as the car warmed up, only to re-occur at odd intervals later in a journey.

Fault was missed completely by one garage so I took it to another. They noticed a “slight” rumble from the nearside rear wheel bearing. Nothing major and possibly something that could be left; knowing it was there would bug me, so I told them to get it swapped out. It was also the last surviving original wheel bearing on the car - all the others had succumbed some time ago. They rang me a little while after they had started the job to tell me they had found this:




Any thoughts on why this coud have failed like this?

We had one on the racer go exactly like that Steve. Yours took seven years, our took seven minutes! I think at the time it was out down to excess heat due to the brake calipers sticking on.

Yeah I reckon that is just old age, fatigue and a bit of water ingress that has caused corossion.

Reading that discription again it sounds just like Pesky!!

Not quite, Brummers, my water problem is more that of leakage, rather than ingress!

Looks like a failure due to excessive heat like Russ has experienced.

If the bearing had gone some time ago and although not noisy was very tight, it would heat the hub up which has made it go very brittle as seen in the pics.

Also probably worth checking the driveshaft to make sure it hasn’t damaged the joint.

Also probably worth checking the driveshaft to make sure it hasn’t damaged the joint.

Very good point. I would bet that the outer CV is knackered!! If not, it will be very close. I would change it as a precautionary measure, or at the very least get it re packed with grease.

Thanks for all the feedback chaps - I believe that the garage did look at the CV joint but I’ll double check…

I did have an issue with a sticking caliper on that corner about 1k miles ago. So maybe the issue started then…more items to add to the refresh list !!!