Rear Exige Diffuser

Hello, I am in the search of a rear back ‘upgrade’ diffuser for my Exige. I seek a diffuser more studied and complex (as for example that of Elise MK2 S111) not only one diffuser with lengthened flaps. Does somebody know where to find this part? JOP see: - /membres/Jonathan/

JOPHave a look at (“Sports” section)

JOPJust had a look at your pictures - you have some very nice cars [image][/image]I like the diffuser (carbon/kevlar?)already fitted to your car - who supplied it please, & what is the cost?

Thank you Pesky! I know this part. But I seek a very aerodynamically studied part (as on the 111s mk2), maybe in Carbon, not only lengthened flaps! Other ideas? JOP

Hi, Thank you for the compliments, indeed, we have the chance to have all these cars! The part that I mount is a part from Moto-Concept. I think that it is a good part, but it is manufactured out of fibres, therefore it is much heavier than the original. Moreover, with the heat of the engine it tends to become slightly deformed. JOP see: - /membres/Jonathan/ /