Rear diffuser measurement


How far does your rear diffuser poke out at the back?

I am 99.9% sure mine is OEM and looking at a h111 and it states it’s a further 5 cm out.

Trying to visualise that compared to my current item

Thats stock. I have the H111, 5 Element diffuser and it definitely sticks out a further 5cm over the standard diffuser.

That’s exactly what I am looking at.

@johnfishcurtis thanks!


The only issue i have with mine, i swapped to twin exit exhaust and the diffuser has the hole underneath for the single exit silencer. It bugs me and i need to sort it or sell it.

If you want to sell it …

Hmmm, it would cost me £320 to replace for a new one (without a hole), I’ll think about it. Mohawk roof is further up the list.

Gorilla tape :eyes:


5 element diffuser for sale on FB for £100 !!!

Just seen this. Its got a cutout in the wrong place for my setup