Rear crank oil seal

Buggered! [image][/image]

What a bummer !! [image][/image]Its the second time its gone isn’t it ?[This message has been edited by Phil Davies (edited 17 October 2002).]

Yes, it was what originally caused the rebuild. I have it on authority from the Elise technical board that this is a problem with high output K’s. They recommend additional breathing (which I am having done) and one has gone to the length of tapping their block and screwing the seal in. Others just silicon sealant theirs. Lucky it was found in time…

Sorry to hear that Russ.What were the symptoms?Ian [image][/image]

A smell of burning oil when thrashed. I also keep a close check on the oil level. It has always used some, but then when I needed to put more oil in then petrol, I suspected there was a problem.

Was it not dripping on your driveway then?Ta, Ian

Unfortunately, it was being held in the undertray, with some/most(?) being burnt off on the manifold…

As a follow up to this, the crank seal had not been blown out by excess pressure, but had failed where it runs on the crank. I had the breathing done anyway, with a pipe from the dipstick case to the (now modified) catch tank.Thanks again to LRV for the free work (on parts warranty from April, when the problem first arose).