rear clam stonechips

I was at the dealers today having my car checked over by a Lotus Engineer and he has said that they are looking at a fix for both the stonechipping and poor fit of the overlapping rear clam. This will be some form of U shaped edging strip that fits over the rear clam edge. Its not definite yet but is in the pipeline. If it goes through it should be retro fitted to all Exiges.

Hmm… do you think this is really likely ?Let’s face it, we were told that a rear-lid strut was in development ages ago. Where is it ?Lotus have just released the Elise II, which I suspect is taking LOTS of their time up, with quick fixes to those things they overlooked in development.Lotus are also working on the M250 (ha!) and the Exige II if rumours are to be believed.The odds that they’ll fabricate a fix for the few problem Exiges (max production 600) is well… a fabrication in my view.I hope you’re right though. In the same way I’ll be glad when those fapping struts arrive… I expect Lotus’s answer to the strut thing, will be to give you a neck band with a ridge along it that the lid is supposed to sit on, cos it starts to dig in after a while without !

Sorry, for those of use who are new, what are you talking about? My best guess is that the engine cover rubs the body??ThanksRoy

Tried to follow up on this one: watch this thread for any developments…

erm… like roy, I’d like to know what exactly you are TALKING ABOUT…

although theres a thread on the Lotus site all about this…I have cross posted this off another thread and is a reply given on 15th june 2001 by Nick Adams:“The anti stone chip fix for the rear clam has been tested and works very well, but we haven’t released it yet. I hope it will be released shortly, I will advise as and when it is.Cheers, Nick”

Does naybody know where we are wilth these protective kits? I think that Warwickshire and Oxford councils have resurfaced every road that I use and my rear clam is slowly disintegrating! Are the protectors in the dealers? Do we have to pay for them? Has anybody fitted tham and, if so, do they work?Mike

From what I gather (correct me if I’m wrong Steve), the clam protectors are free, but you may be charged a fitting fee by your dealer.

I’m not sure on the official story regarding cost for them…but I would just talk to your dealer to see the situation…the parts should not be expensive…however (and I don’t want to knock Lotus) the fix is fairly rudimentary…I have a heavy duty fix which I can show people at Donington…if I attend …and for the love of it don’t mind sorting out for people FOC

Thanks guys. I’ll tackle the dealer on Friday. I will be at Donington on the 24th so if the dealer can’t help at least I’ll be able to see what anyone else has done.Mike

I’m pleased to report that, at last, I have today had the clam protectors fitted to my car. I was not charged for parts or labour and while the car was in (for an intermediate oil change) they did lots of other little warranty jobs as well. [image][/image] I’m very pleased!