Rear clam repair / replace / respray

Hi all. Looking for a bit of advice long term as it’s not something I’m going to do this year.

When I purchased my car I knew the paint was a bit rough and had had a small rear clam repair and had some obvious chips etc. I accepted this as it’s always been my plan to sort it and accept it for the age of the car.

I’m pretty good with paint chip repairs, detailing and touching up. Though I can’t get a decent paint match presuming it’s been sprayed with a close match and not and exact match which is aspen white b113 as per the sticker. Genuine lotus and 3rd party paints are way off and don’t seem to have any of the pearl in the paint compared to mine.

The repair (round the rear light on the right) has flattened some of the lines too which I can see and feel.

So my question is, should I try source a replacement clam or would it be feasible for a good fibreglass body shop to be able to rebuild the lines?

Additionally do all clams have the holes under the carpet for the accusump or is this model specific? I don’t want to replace the clam if it doesn’t have these mounts.

Last question, it’s here a way to tell if a clam is genuine ?

I’ve attached some pictures of the flattened lines (right side, left for comparison) and some rough parts of the clam just in case this helps. If no idea if the rough bits are genuine / appear over time or if it points to an after market clam. I’ve also attached a picture of the mount holes under carpet.