Rear clam fixings on later cars?

Heres a question for the S1 anoraks ……,

I have noticed that the early s1 cars lacked 4 extra bolts on the rear clam which later cars had.

Out of curiosity, why were they introduced and what is there purpose?

It appears that aound the first 100 cars did not have these.



i think its purely to keep the rear clam supported around the opening. do the early cars have anything different to hold that area tight to the roof?

On the basis that they add complexity and cost, somebody must have made the decision that they were required!

My car is an early one without these fixings. I have had a look around this area and cannot see what the fixings would screw into unless they are just there for show?

the factory roof was supplied without the nutserts in, they were drilled and fitted once the clam was fitted

Thanks for the info. I can put my mind at rest now :slightly_smiling_face:

Related to this thread, one of those two bolts circled in the first picture came off whilst I was on a track day at cadwell.

I think the inner fixing is rattling around inside the car somewhere as getting a knocking noise sometimes - any idea how I might be able to locate it? Not sure how to get behind it…

Thanks in advance

without taking everything apart your unlikely to locate it. best bed would be to squirt a little expanding foam or silicone into the are you think it is. this will stop it rattling, then you can fit a new fastener. ive done this a few times on the front roof fixings

Thanks very much.