Rear A048 Tyres.. Please Help

Hi guys…

Having had my S1 Exige for nearly nine months I have decided to treat myself to some new rear tyres. This is where I need a hand from all you fellow Exige owners… where is the best place to get hold of them and have them fitted? What sort of cost will I be looking at?? Do you know of anyone??

I really do need a hand! The guy in my local tyre place just pulled a funny face when he took a look at my car!

Cheers … I look forward to hearing from you all

Just got a fresh set from Plans (based in Dunsfold)- they were the cheapest around when I looked…


Cheers Escaper. Your the second person that I have spoken to who has suggested them… Any other suggestions folks???


I bought a set from and had them delivered. I then took the wheels off my car one side at a time and had the new tyres fitted at my local tyre place.

Hope that helps.


Considering where you live, there are likely to be only 3 places near you that can help:

  • Bell & Colvill
  • Plans
  • Lakeside

Officially the tyres are only available from Lotus dealers (hence your local guy’s bewilderment), but the specialists often get them at a rate which makes them very competitive.

If you do find A048s elsewhere beware. If they don’t have LTS stamped on the side they’re not the ones Lotus specced. Whilst there’s some arguement about whether that really makes any difference, I read an Autocar article where Mr Kershaw spent the day trying something like 40 different sidewall stiffnesses to select the LTS one. Which seems like good work if you can get it!


Bell and Covill give you 10% off if you are a member of Seloc so try to get a price of them

Knowing the parts mgr there, I’m not sure they can go that high on the discount for 48s, as get fleeced by Lotus for the tyres.

Good people though and worth a call.


�310 including VAT and fitting. 2off rear A048 LTS to be fitted at Rockingham this Sunday by Bookatrack.

That’s a good price!

See you Sunday Adam, weather is looking up again.


Seems Bookatrack are aware of the potential to damage the wheel and declined to fit the 048’s on Sunday without the correct adaptor for their machine. I appreciate their honesty and good of them not to just go ahead and take the sale.

thats only cos i just made them pay out �120 to referb my rear wheels after they scuffed them really bad. It took me 6 months to get them to do it but at least i got them done in the end.