Realation between speed and break force..

Example: Braking from 100 km/h to 50 km/h… How much should the braking force be on the pedal all the way from 100 to 50??

Dumb question maybe…??.. But I often lock up the tyres in the end of this example…(only way to avoid it is to use less force in the end)… So im a bit qurious if there is a formuala for this (graph)???.. maybe at 50 you should use 75% of the force you had at 100…or smt else???

doesent really matter that much … but im a bit curious how the realtion between speed and braking force works…

with my car i stay pretty constant on the pedal when braking all the way from 220 km/h to xx.

You’re right (if I understand you correctly).

It is harder to lock-up at high speed, so you should use more/max pedal force, backing off as the car slows. (or so says the ex-F1 driver instructor)


I would agree with that.