Rattly Anti-Roll Bar

Hey folks

I have a creaky Anti-roll bar - it seems to be caused by the bushes which grip the ARB at the front of the car - I have tried to inject some 3in1 oil in there without luck and the rattle is very annoying… how can I make it go away ??


If its rattling … you can take off the mounting blocks, take a small amount off the joint faces ( to make the hole a little smaller thus tighter on the bar ) and then make sure its covered in a heap of molybdenum grease before bolting it back on. ( cos you dont want it so tight it wont move eh ! )

Alternate change the blocks - I’ve found they wear out quick anyhow so the above cures it for me … cheaper ( yes the hole will not be as round though … )


meant to say thanks for this - I haven’t followed it up tho’… but as always, good advice from you.